Chapter 1

~Day of packing~

Rica: -packing- OH MY GOD!! I'M GOING TO LIVE WITH MINDLESS BEHAVIOR FOR 3 MONTHS!!!! (on the phone with Shoni, GeeGee, and Estie.)

Estie: Me too!

Shoni: Me too!

GeeGee: All of us are!!

Rica: I KNOW! I'm so excited we get to like live with them!

Estie: I heard that we get to share rooms with them.

SHoni: NO way we could!

Geegee: No we don't! I looked at the rules and we share one room. Just us girls

Rica: I call dibs on roc

Estie: I call dibs on Princton, That curly afro is mine!

Geegee: Does it even matter?

Girls: YEAH!!

Shoni: After im done with rary-ray he won't be groping himself anymore


Rica: I have to go, so I'll see ya'll at thwe airport.

SHoni: Bye -click-

Geegee: Bye -click-

Esthie: Aight See ya -click-

Rica hangs up

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