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@/Brendonurie: Guys!! I posted a new video!

@/brensangel DO YOU MENTION JOSHLER?              @/Brendonurie

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@/brensangel DO YOU MENTION JOSHLER? @/Brendonurie

@/Brendonurie no I don't but I mention a friend close to them!

@/Ryanslittleangel EXUSE ME WE LITERALLY HVE THE SAME ACC NAME IM. @/brensangel @/brendonurie

@/ryanross: why does everyone keep tweeting me this cute guys video?



@/JoshDun: I ship @/brendonurie and @/ryanross already hbu @/TylerJoseph ?

@/TylerJoseph: I've always been Ryden af since I saw Ryan watching him on the tour bus.

@/honestlyryden: that awkward moment when your friends start shipping you @/ryanross

@/RyanRoss is now following @ /Brendonurie

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