Part one

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Part one ~ the one i love..

Sakura Haruno... A name of a true angel- in my eyes anyway.
My best friend since we were young... but also my rival. This rivalry though, had turned into something that would be frowned upon- unintentionally i had fallen in love with my rival. It's not like I wanted this to happen, but my hate for her at the time made her my obsession.
Of course in rivalry you want to beat them to your dreams and wishes, but keeping a close eye on her made it turn into much more. I watched her as she drooled over Sasuke, and i felt jealously run through my blood. The thing is... At first this was because we both wanted Sasuke to like us, but... I came to realise that when other girls flirted with Sasuke... I couldn't give one single care in the world. Was this because it wasn't my rival, did i have no competition with these girls? No... It was because the one I found myself wanting to be mine was Sakura.
I suddenly realised it when she smiled at me, even though it was hidden behind spite, her smile had warmth crashing through the coldness of her spite.
The only problem for me was... That she still believed we were fighting over Sasuke. How could she not realise that I've given up?! Its been about 3 months since I last talked to Sasuke, and there she was throwing herself at him.
As I knew my feelings wouldn't get through to her I decided to find somebody who would allow mine, not just for pure spite- but to cover up the forbidden feelings that I have deep inside this heart of mine. I faced the fact that she'd never be mine and decided to try and erase these forbidden feelings.

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