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Seven years later


"Mommy! Mommy!" Our five year old twin boys come running to me. "Daddy got you a present!" Sam Jr. says. "But he told us not to tell you what he got you!" Michael echoes. "Okay boys, what did he get me?" I ask.

"They're not going to tell you." Samson says following behind them and giving me a kiss. Seven years and my love for him has only grown. He is doing really well at the FBI. They promoted him and gave him his own team. I'm so proud of him!

Our boys are a handful, but he loves them so much! He spends every minute that he can with them and the boys idolize him!

Melanie and Brock had another little boy. Of course he's Brock Jr. Shannon is ten now and a stunner. She's going to break a lot of hearts when she gets older.

Ray met a woman and got remarried. Of course the girls and I had to check her out for Raven's sake. We had Samson run a full background check on her. We weren't taking any chances. She loves Raven and dotes on her so much.

Raven just turned eleven last week. Ray takes her to see Brianne once a month. Raven divulged to me that she really doesn't want to go see her, but she does it because Brianne is her mom. I told her that she's doing a good thing and she won't have any regrets about not seeing her mom later in life.

Rose and Kyle decided not to have any more children after Tyler. That pregnancy was hard on Rose and she didn't want to do it again. Tyler is nine now, but has the twins to play with and boss around like little brothers.

My mom and dad come over as often as they can. We let the boys stay with them every other weekend so we can have some time alone. They love it and the boys always come home on Sunday night telling us what they did over grandma and grandpa's house. When it's time for bed, they always go right to sleep on those weekends.

My life can't get any better.


I walk towards my wife as the twins excitedly tell her about me buying her a gift. She is just as beautiful now as she was when I first met her. My stomach flips every time I see her.

After we got married in Vegas, I took us on a two week long vacation in Hawaii where we never left the room. We have to go back there some time so we can actually see the sights.

We came back and she started taking the refresher courses in nursing school. Word got around that she was ready to go back into nursing and the offers poured in. She finally accepted a position at the new exclusive obstetrician's office in town.

When she became pregnant, she continued to work until she was about four months. The doctor put her on bed rest because she was having problems. He allowed her two laps around the house a day until they were born. I hired a housekeeper to make sure everything around the house was done.

Sadly, Mrs. Mayfield passed away last year. She was ninety-five years old. She got to see the boys and get to know them. They loved her as much as she loved them.

I pull the flowers from around my back and hand them to my wife. "Thank you so much! They're my favorite! Did you boys help him to pick out the flowers?" The boys are jumping up and down, "We did mommy! Do you like them?"

"I do! I love them and I love all of you!" She leans down and gives them a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Go find me a vase to put these in." They go running into the kitchen and she walks over to me. Her arm goes around my waist, pulling me to her. I meet her lips halfway, searing them in a hot kiss. "I'll thank you properly later." She gives me a saucy smile.

I loved Chloe and our son with all of my heart and for some reason she was taken away from me way before our time. But I have a second chance with Hailee and our sons and I'm taking advantage of every moment.

Life can't get any better than this.

The End


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