Chapter 30

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I'm sitting at her bedside. They've treated her shoulder and she'll be fine. She's resting right now. I hear my phone ring and I answer, knowing that it's Melanie or Rose demanding to know what's going on, "Hello."

"Is she okay?" Rose asks. "She is. She's just resting comfortably right now."

"We want to come down there." She demands. "Don't. There's just too much going on right now. When she gets out of the hospital, you can all meet us at our house, okay?"

She gives in, "Just make sure that you let us know when she's on her way home."

"I will. I promise."

I hang up with Rose when Hailee's parents walk in the door. "How is she doing?" Her mom whispers. "She's fine. Just resting comfortably." I reassure them. "When will she get back to her life? I'm sick of her having to go through all of this!" The captain states. "It's over. She will be able to do whatever she wants to do." I tell him. "She needs to come home with us when she wakes up!" He demands.

"No offense sir, but she will be staying home with me."

"Like hell! I've had to go a year without her and then this happens. She's coming home with us!" He gets louder as he speaks.

"Dad, please quiet down. I'm going home with Samson. It's all over now and I'm safe." She groans her eyes still closed. She adjusts the way that she's laying, "I love you and will see you more now that the danger is past."

The captain looks at her stunned, "But we can take care of you."

"Dad I remember the reason that I moved out of your house. Do we need to go over this again?" She says quietly, her voice growing stronger. The captain clears his throat and looks down sheepishly.

"How are you feeling honey?" Her mom asks. "Good because I have a lot of drugs in my system." There is a small smile on her face.

I decide to offer an olive branch, "We're going to have a get together when she comes home, do you all want to come?"

"We would love to!" Her mom says.

Her doctor walks inside of the room, "How's our patient doing?"

"I'm doing fine doctor." She responds. "We are going to keep you here overnight for observation, but you'll be able to go home in the morning. The bullet went straight through, and where it hit you on the shoulder, there's no main arteries or bones that got hit. You'll be just fine after a couple of weeks. We also put some cream on your face for the bruising, which will be gone in a few days."

"Thanks, doc." She says with a small smile. He adjusts her bed so that she's sitting up some.

"There's someone here who couldn't wait to see you. It's an urgent matter." The doc says solemnly. "Send them in." She responds.


Ray and Raven walk inside the door. Ray immediately comes over to give me a hug while Raven stands back by the door. "She's scared that you don't like her anymore because of what her mom did." He says quietly. I nod and look over at Raven, "Come here honey." I wave at her to come to me. She slowly moves towards me, her head hanging down.

When she reaches Samson, he picks her up and gives her a hug before setting her in my lap. She glances at me through her lashes. I put my good arm around her, "A little bird told me that you think I don't like you anymore." She nods her head.

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