Chapter 29

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The ride to Dillion's was done in silence, both of us mentally preparing for what's to come. I'm sure that they've been warned that I'm very good, but they don't know how trained I am, and they're about to find out.

Samson grabs my hand when we pull into the parking lot, "Ready?" I nod and he finds a parking spot. We get out and walk inside like we don't have a care in the world. We make our way back to the headache remedy section and start discussing the benefits of the different pain relievers.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a big guy approaching us. Samson squeezes my hand and then lets go. I pick up a box of liquid pain reliever and when the guy gets closer, I throw it at him and hit him in the head, distracting him. Since I'm a complete ball crusher, I drop down on one knee and throw a fist up into his balls. Then I grab them and twist them and he cries out. He bends over grabbing for them and I reach down and pull his feet out from under him. While he lays curled in the fetal position, I kick him in the balls again from down under and hit him in the side of the face and he passes out.

I glance in Samson's direction and he just landed a punch to the guy who was on his side and he went down like a log. Samson grabs my hand and we quietly walk around the corner to the canned food isle. Two more guys come after us. I pick up two large cans of green beans and chuck the first one at the guy's head. I miss and he speeds up coming towards me, so I throw the second one at him, hitting him on his forehead. He stops for a second and comes towards me again. I throw another one hitting him in the chest and he keeps on moving towards me.

This guy is bigger than the last one, so I grab another can and hit him in the side of the head. I feel Samson's hand at my back, so I turn to the right, resting my hand on his shoulder for support and while pushing up on one leg, I swing the other one up, kicking him on his ear, by his eye, knocking him out finally. By accident, my leg swings around hitting the other guy in the head knocking him out also.

Samson swings me around on his back and we run to the meat section where we are met by two more goons. How many guys did this woman hire and where are the FBI guys to help us? The first one comes running towards me, when he gets close and pulls his fist back to swing at me. I pick up the first thing that I grab from the meat counter. His fist connects with it, making me stagger back. I notice that he's shaking his hand because it hurts. I glance at what I have in my hand and it's a package of T-bone steaks. He comes back towards me again and I throw the package of steaks at him, running behind Samson who delivers a punch so hard that I hear his jaw crunch before he goes down.

The next two guys come after us before we can leave the meat isle. They both come after us swinging. The first one clips me on the chin and it hurt just enough for me to see stars. I come to in just enough time to see him swing at me again. I duck and take a bite of his stomach. He just growls and grabs my shoulder trying to pull me back. I reach down and grab his balls, but he has a cup on them. I swing my leg around and kick him on his knee cap and then stepping on his foot. I feel his fist hit me in the side of my head and I fight off the pain and flip over kicking him in the neck and he goes down.

I look over at Samson and he's got his guy in a sleeper hold and the guy passes out. We're about to leave the meat department again when she walks over to us. "Enough. Now it's time for you and me."

I look at her. She has golden blond hair and round blue eyes. She has a small button nose and small full heart shaped lips. The perfect trophy wife. No wonder the doctor married her. "Since you put my son in jail, it's time for you to pay." She growls. I stand back and wait for her to make the first move.

She kicks her foot and comes at me with a roundhouse kick. I duck and come back with a low sweep, knocking her off balance and toppling over. She pops back up like a jack-in-the-box. Damn. I'm going to hurt her bad, but I'm going to have to work for it.

She runs towards me and flies in the air with another kick. I duck again and hit her in the crotch. When she jumps back, I hit her in the ribs hard enough that I hear one of them crack. "You bitch!" She yells holding her side. I walk toward her to finish her off when she pulls out a gun. You will really die now! She points at my forehead and right when she's about to pull the trigger, I see a blur hit her knocking her down.

The gun goes off and hits me in the shoulder. It hurts, but it also pisses me off. I run over to where she's tussling with someone and kick her in the head and then I take my good fist and jam it into the side of her head knocking her out. I look over to see who saved my life and it's Agent Yard. I sit down and look at her stunned.

"Let's get you out to the ambulance to get you checked out real quick. We have to be at the courthouse in ten minutes."

"Where's Samson?" I ask. "I'm right here babe." He helps me up, careful not to touch my injured shoulder when he puts his arm around me. They escort me out of the store and I look around, there are FBI agents all around handcuffing everyone involved. So they were fighting also. We approach the ambulance and they hurry over, checking me out.

"We need to take you to the hospital to have that shoulder treated." One of them advises. "Can't you treat it here? I have someplace to be." I respond. "You really need to go to the hospital." He insists.

"Give me a sling and something for the pain and I will come into the hospital after." I try to compromise. "But-" He starts to argue when Agent Holmes buts in, "Just do what she says and follow us to the courthouse. She's going to need you when she finishes.

He puts my arm in a sling and gives me a pill to take for the pain. I'm swept away by Samson and the agents. By the time we reach the courthouse, I've changed into some fresh clothes and I'm starting to feel the pain. We walk into the courtroom right when they get to the end of testimony. I'm put on the stand and they proceed to question me.

By the time they are finished questioning me, the pain is becoming unbearable. "What happened to your arm and your face?" The judge asks. I explain to him about being ambushed at the grocery store and being shot in the shoulder. "Get this lady to the hospital!" The judge demands.

"But I need to cross examine again!" The defense attorney exclaims. "You've cross examined her twice and she's said the same thing. You're done." The judge contradicts. He instructs the jury and adjourns. I sit back in the seat not able to move. Samson comes over and hands me the pill that the paramedic gave me and a bottle of water. I take it and he picks me up and carries me out to the ambulance, where they rush me to the hospital.

When we arrive at thehospital, the pain has subsided some, but not enough. They give me an IV with some pain reliever init and immediately I feel relief. "Relaxbabe. I'm right here with you." I feel Samson kiss me on the side of my headas I drift off.     

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