Chapter 28

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I know that she can take care of herself, but I can feel the frustration coming off of her in waves. She's reaching her wits end with this whole case. I'll almost feel for mommy demented if she comes across her first. Hailee lays her head back on the seat rest and rides quietly. "What are you thinking about?" I ask.

"I'm just giving myself a pep talk about how this has to be over soon. I was okay as long as I didn't have my memory, but now that I do, I really want to move forward and not be in this standing pattern that I'm forced into right now. I want to go to nursing classes, but I'll have to do it online right now, because of what's going on."

"I understand, but it will be over soon and we'll be able to move forward in our lives. We have each other, so we'll be fine until this blows over." I reassure her.

She sighs and lays her head back onto the seat, "I hope it happens soon."

We walk inside the townhouse and her phone rings, "Hello? Who is this?" I immediately step to where she is standing. "Put it on speakerphone." I mouth to her.

She presses the button and a distorted voice starts talking, "You are going to die. You are going to die. I'm going to kill you and you're going to die."

I take the phone from her and hang up. "How did they get my number?" She starts to shake as tears come down her eyes. I immediately put my arms around her, holding her close to me. I pull my phone out of my pocket and call Agent Yard. "What's up?" She answers. "There was a call on Hailee's phone, threatening her life." I tell her.

"What did it say?" She immediately responds.

"It was a distorted voice and it said that she's going to die. They are going to kill her and she's going to die." I feel her shudder again and pull her tighter to me. "We definitely have someone on the inside giving out this information. We are going to have to weed them out. You all are going to have to stay inside and not come out unless you absolutely have no choice. We're not going to move you again, because the only people who know where you live are Agent Holmes, me and your detail. Unfortunately, you can't have any friends over or go over any friends houses either."

I purse my lips and agree before I hang up, "Are you okay babe?"

She shakes her head against my chest. "I know. We'll get through this, okay? We'll find mommy demented and she will go to jail with her idiot son and his friend." I pick her up and carry her to our room. I find a movie that will get her laughing and we settle in to watch it. Halfway through the movie, she falls asleep. I walk downstairs and make dinner for both of us so it'll be ready when she wakes up. I hate that she's feeling so vulnerable right now. I need my empowered woman back for her sake.

I go back upstairs and get back into the bed with her so I'll be there when she wakes up. I pull her to me and close my eyes, drifting off to sleep.

I wake-up to my phone ringing and Hailee not in bed. I answer, "Hello?"

"It's Agent Holmes. How is she doing?"

"She wasn't doing well before she went to sleep, but I have to go look for her now. What's up?" I look in the bathroom and she's not there. So I head towards the steps to walk down to check to see if she's there.

"We got the court date for the step-son, his friend and Brianne moved up so Hailee can testify and then if she wants, we can put her in witness protection, where she'll get a new identity and a new place to live. I know that you'll want to go with her so we worked out something for you also if it comes down to that."

We have too much to leave behind if it comes to that. But I'll do whatever is needed to keep her safe. "When is the new court date?"

"In two weeks. Eight a.m. We'll be by sometime in the next week to coach her on what they will ask her in court and how to phrase her answers. They have a conviction with or without her testimony, but her testimony will seal the deal for all of them." He states.

I look in the living room and she's sitting on the couch reading a book. When I walk inside the room, she looks up at me with a smile on her face. I guess the nap did her good. "I found her and I'll let her know. Thanks." I disconnect and tell her, "That was Agent Holmes. He said that the court dates were moved up to two weeks from now. If you want to take the option, after you testify, they will put us in witness protection with new identities and a new place to live."

She looks calm, "Hopefully, it won't come to that. I really don't want to leave my family and friends. But if that's what we have to do to have a quality of life, then so be it." She took that pretty well.

"You'll come with me?" She asks uncertainly. "I just got you. There is no way that I'm leaving you, ever. If you take witness protection, I'm right there with you." I lean down and kiss her nose. It wrinkles when she smiles at me. My phone rings and I answer. I hand the phone to Hailee.

"Hello? Hi Mel!" She listens for a little bit. "I know. I wanted to have dinner with everyone, but we are quarantined like we have a communicable disease or something."

She listens to Mel and puts her on speakerphone, "With you two cooped up like that, don't do anything that I wouldn't do. Enjoy yourselves. We love you and will see you in a couple of weeks."

"Bye Mel." We both say at the same time. She hands me back my phone with a smile, "Thanks for that."

"You know that she and Rose will check on you every chance they get. Then they tell the guys how we're doing. I hope they find that woman, I really don't want us to leave our families."

"I agree. Let's just hope for the best." She tells me.

We spend the evening after dinner and half the night watching movies and making out since we had two naps today.

We spend the next couple of weeks of our 'quarantine' as Hailee puts it, getting to know each other more and enjoying each other's company. She even called Mrs. Mayfield to let her know what's going on. Mrs. Mayfield was happy that she got her memory back and told her that everything would be okay.

When the phone rings this morning, Hailee cringes. She looks down at my phone and it's Agent Holmes. I connect the phone and he immediately starts talking, "How close are you to being ready to leave?"

"About ten minutes, why?"

"We've found the mole in the department. They are planning an ambush when you are on your way to the courthouse. We talked the judge into moving the time back an hour so we can take care of this. Halfway to the courthouse from where you all are at is a Dillion's grocery store. We have it filled with agents who are customers, and workers. We've managed to clear out the grocery store of the actual customers and workers for their safety."

I put the phone on speaker so she can hear this. "We are going to need you to stop in that grocery store. They will see this as an opportune moment and follow you inside. I have a feeling that Hailee will get her one on one with mommy demented or Jane which is her real name. Don't kill her Hailee, just hurt her really badly. Make sure you take and extra suit so that you can change into it when it's all over."

Hailee looks like a cross between excited and angry, "Why can't she be stupid like her son and his friend and set it up after the court hearing? My testimony is only part of what they have against them. Me not testifying won't change the fact that they are going to jail anyway. She should do her homework. Okay, I won't kill her." She takes a deep breath.

After we hang up, we finish getting ready and put our extra things in the car. We settle in and take the ride to Dillion's preparing ourselves for the ambush.  

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