O my goodness guys!!! I'm sorry that this is not an update as I promised to update on Wednesday.

But I have an amazing news. The Night Rider has been ranked!!! Woohoo! *cue screams, claps and cheers*. Well, it's #710 in Romance. I know that it is not that high in comparison to other books on Wattpad, but it's still a very big achievement for me.

Thank you so much to my old and new readers who have kept supporting me on my journey of writing this story, tolerated my irregular updating schedule, voted and commented on my story, pointed out my mistakes so that I could improve and kept showing their unwavering love and support.

I would've never been able to continue this book without you guys. This is my first Wattpad story which has gotten so much support. Really, it's an indescribable feeling.

You guys made me plan out an interesting plot for the story and I can finally see where my story is heading. The book is halfway done. Trust me, I never thought that I was capable of completing my story. I mean, I always have rough ideas for my story, but then sometimes I have no clue about writing good and interesting stuff for the chapters of that story. But you guys inspired me with your votes and amazing comments. Love you all and may God bless you!

Update will be on Wednesday as promised.

Please keep voting, commenting, reading and showing the same support.

Love ya'll,
- S.

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