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The sun shown down on the monsters that finally left the underground, it was a new beginning, for the monsters, for Frisk and for Caitlin.

"Toriel?" Frisk's voice had interrupted the silent beauty of the surface, the goat woman turned to the two Human children, a small knowing smile on her face.

"I know, you have a family to return to." She whispered her tears falling on her face, Caitlin and Frisk reached up to wipe away the tears of their new mom.

"No we don't. You are our new family, and we are not leaving you." Caitlin told her, it made the tears continue to fall harder. "Oh my children.." She whispered, and Caitlin hugged her, Frisk pulled Asriel into the group hug.

From then on, they had a family. A normal one? No, but a family all the same..

Deep down in the void, crimson red eyes peered from within. A evil white toothed smile clearly seen in the darkness.

"You really think that you can kill me for good?" Chara asked to no one, her grin growing wider.

"The game doesn't end until (Y/N) arrives."

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