Chapter 5: Death is Blind

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Hours had passed since the encounter in the library. James and Amanda had exited the woods and were following the road to who knows where. They hadn’t said a word since they left the Cathedral and library behind. The entire time, they thought of their own losses. James had lost his two officers and friend, and Amanda had lost the love of her life. Now they only had each other, but they still felt as if they were all alone. Amanda looked over at James, who was looking straight ahead of them. Fed up with the silence between them, she tried to strike up a conversation.

“So,” she paused for a second to see if he’d stop her. “where, uh, where did you guys live? Before all this happened?” James looked over at Amanda and then back ahead.

“Montana. In a small little town. Well, it wasn’t small as in ‘population of 50’ small, but it wasn’t large either. It’s like that little town you pass through on a road trip and maybe stop at a diner for a little while before continuing your journey.” He stopped for a second and reminisced about the little town he once called home. “We were the law of the town, just us three. We also had a receptionist named Ruth. Such a sweet old woman. Always trying to make everyone feel as happy as they could be.” Amanda smiled a bit.

“Did you grow up there?”

“No. I’m originally from Canada and eventually moved to the states on my own. I frequently moved around when I first came to the country. I just couldn’t find that one town that felt…right for me. Then I arrived in Tall Oaks and that’s when I knew I’d found it. A place I could call home.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” She tried to sound a little up beat.

“What about you? Where’d your life take place before all this?”

“Down in Arizona. At least that’s where Balder and I lived. I’m not sure about…Kat.” She paused for a second as she thought of Kat. A girl anyone barely known and yet Amanda felt as if she’d been a longtime friend. “Balder and I were college students when we first met. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. It was the clichéd first encounter. I went to the library to do some studying and he had the only available table.” Amanda lightly laughed while she reminisced. “He was so different from any other guy I’d known. I felt he saw me as a person first and not some, I don’t know, thing on the side.” Amanda went on while James listened. He didn’t mind hearing her gush about her boyfriend, he knew this was her way of coping. She’d finally finished talking and James wanted to keep the conversation going.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what were studying in college?”

“Foreign language.” She answered, prideful.

“What languages do you speak?”

“English, French, Spanish, Japanese and I was just starting Italian.”

“Very impressive.” He smiled at her.

“You mentioned you’re from Canada. Do you speak French as well?” She inquired. He turned and laughed.

“I am French-Canadian, but I unfortunately don’t speak any French. And people never let me hear the end of it.” He smirked at the memories of people poking fun at him and Amanda giggled. Things stayed quite for a bit as the two reminisced some more. Then James asked Amanda a question.

“Amanda. This is…hard for me. But I need to ask you something.”

“Sure, anything.”

“Do…do you think that there could be others who’re still alive out there somewhere?” He asked looking up at the moon.

“I’m sure there are. Why?”

“You really think so?” He lit up a bit and looked at her.

“Yeah. But why do you ask? Is there someone in particular you’re thinking of?”

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