Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Mike was in trouble. The farmyard was now full of shambling, moaning creatures. He dodged and weaved and, most importantly, ran to avoid the monsters, but his legs were getting heavy and his lungs were starting to burn.

There was only one possible route out of the yard to the waiting Scouts and that was through the blonde woman-thing.

Mike gripped his axe, changed direction one last time and charged toward her. He lifted the weapon as he closed in on her.

She raised her arms as if to embrace him, her vacant eyes boring a hole into him. Mike could clearly see into her chest. There was no heart. There were no internal organs. How was this possible?

He didn’t know, but the image of the creature he had already decapitated, feeding on her body, was still fresh in his mind. If she could get up from that and come after him, then he had to be certain in what he was doing.

All of this flashed through his mind in the seconds it took to close the distance across the yard to her. He swung the axe as he got within arms reach.

Hours of chopping wood at camp guided his aim and the axe swung true. Mike had planned on just using the flat of the blade to knock her aside, but after seeing how she survived evisceration he turned the razor sharp cutting edge toward her.

The blade hit her neck and bit deep. The force of the blow snapped her body to the side and she stumbled several steps out of Mike’s way. He pulled at the axe and it reluctantly came free of her body.

Mike had feared her reaction. He needn’t have worried. The ghastly wound neither bled nor did she even seem to recognize the damage he had done to her. Not so much as a widening of the eyes.

The creature, for Mike could no longer think of it as a her, steadied itself and started to shuffle toward him again. This time, its head and neck were at a thirty degree angle that only served to show off the grisly axe damage.

Mike shook his head and realized that he had stopped when he attacked it. That would never do. He set his feet and readied the axe for a second chop.

“Watch out!” Scouter Steve yelled.

Mike ducked and felt the whoosh of air pass over his head as a creature tried to grab him from behind. He rolled away from the thing and the woman both.

The two creatures continued toward him. Mike leapt to his feet and swung the axe wildly at his attackers. The blunt end of the axe struck the second creature, most likely a man, in the temple, caving it in. The male creature immediately dropped to the ground and did not move again.

That left the woman-creature. She didn’t even slow down at the destruction of her companion, and keep coming at Mike, her arms outstretched to grab him.

Sweat was poring down Mike’s face now and the breaths were coming out in wheezing gasps. If he didn’t get past her this time, Mike didn’t think he would make it. The yard’s gate and the welcome sanctuary of his truck beckoned just past the creature.

He raised the weapon one more time and walked toward the woman-thing. She opened her mouth and moaned in response to his advance, her vacant eyes fixed on him again. Mike heard another moan behind him.

He swung the axe as he came within the weapon’s reach of the creature. It was a slow swing with little strength behind it; Mike’s arms felt like jelly. Still, it swung true and connected just below the first wound in the creature’s neck.

The blade followed the original cut and sliced through the remaining flesh that held the creature’s head to its torso. Mike almost dropped the axe as it moved through the last of the creature and swung free.

The woman-thing swayed for several seconds. Its head rocked on the torn neck and toppled off the side and fell to the ground where it landed with a wet thud. As the head fell, the body dropped at the knees like a puppet who’s strings had been cut.

Mike managed to hold onto the axe and stumbled the remaining yards to the gate where he was grabbed by Steve and Jeremy. He flinched at their touch, his eyes so sweat-filled that he could no longer see anything but a pair of blurs.

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