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Jeon Jung Kook POV

I fall down onto the cold floor, panting hard as I try to catch my breath.

"Here - ," someone says; and I see a hand holding a water bottle reaching out towards me.

I look up and see my older twin brother, Junghyun. "Thanks!," I say smiling as I take the bottle.

Junghyun sits down besides me and rests his head on my shoulder.

I open the cap and start gulping down the water.

I hear Junghyun sigh.

"What's with you?," I asked him casually as I shrugged him off my shoulder.

"Jungkook, do you really want to be an idol?," Junghyun asks with his gaze hard on the floor.

"You know I want to open up a duck meat restaurant, right?," I joke with a laugh.

Junghyun smiles a bit, then he becomes serious again. "I want to be a tattooist or a stunt man, but being an idol isn't my top priority," Junghyun says.

I nod understandingly.

Junghyun and I are twins. We have the same raven hair, brown eyes, height, face and bunny teeth; the only thing different are our personalities.

Junghyun is bold and strong. He has no fear, and as a result speaks what he has in mind.
And me - I'm the complete opposite.

Junghyun and I were scouted out by Big Hit Entertainment; and were sent to America for dance lessons.
Junghyun was strictly against it, but he still went to America because of me.
Sometimes I feel like I ruined his dream.

"What are you thinking?," Junghyun says as he nudges me on my elbow.

I turn to him with a smile. "Nothing," I lie.

"Yeah, right," Junghyun says with a groan. He always knows when I'm lying to him.

"What about you? What are you thinking?," I ask quickly as I try to change the topic.

"I'm thinking about my debut with some guys I don't care about!," Junghyun snaps.

I bit my lip hard.

Junghyun is going to be debuting soon as a new member of BTS, a boy band from Big Hit Entertainment who has reached the peak of fame globally.

I should he happy for him. And I am. It's just that it hurts a bit to see him debut before me.

"Come on. BTS is a great band!," I say quickly with an assuring smile.

"Stop it, Jungkook...," Junghyun mutters.

And then he looks at me with a face that says I'm thinking of a plan.
I hesitate. When he makes that face, everything gets out of hand.

"What are you thinking?!," I shout with curiosity. I am also worried about my brother. He might have the strength but he has no brain.

Junghyun grins at me.

I gulp hard. I know he's cooking up something in that evil mind of his.

"Let's start again!," Junghyun says cheerfully. He raises up from the floor and walks away.

I stare at him.

Don't do anything stupid, brother.


If Jungkook really had a twin brother😘😘😘😘

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