CHAPTER 46: Stuart

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-"Thank you", I repeated.

He was blushing.

He seemed like a very sweet guy. He was wearing round, thick glasses and had messy, blonde hair.

Kind of reminded me of myself at school...

-"Alright! Kitty's safe with mama!", he said, laughing like a silly boy.

I laughed too.

-"Thank you, again. Bye!", I said.

-"Bye! By the way, I'm Stuart!", he said.

-"I'm Jade!", I said, before closing the door. He was creeping me out a bit.

-"Bye! see you around!", he said, waving his hand. I could still see him through the almost-closed door.

-"Same!", I said, fully closing the door now.

-"Hi little kitty cat!", I squealed.

-"Who was that?", Harry said, coming towards me.

-"It was the kind-of neighbour! Look!", I said, showing him the cat.

-"Pheeewwww!!!", he said, acting as if he wiped sweat drops away from his forehead.

-"...Harry? Were you crying?", I asked him.

-"Does it show?", he asked.

-"You're too cute!", I said, kissing him.

-"I just felt really bad", he said.

-"I felt terrible too", I said.

-"Let me see that little fluffy cat!", he said, gently grabbing it away from me.

-"Hi kitty", he said.

-"I wonder where it came from... It must be somebody's", I said.

-"We should hang pictures of it around the park so its family can find it", Harry said.

-"Yes", I said.

We took a picture of the kitty and printed announcements.


-"That will do", I said.

We printed out 15 announcements.

-"I'll go hang them in the park with Poopey. You'll hang them around the bulding with the kitty okay, in case the owner recognizes it there", Harry said.

-"Alright!", I said.

We devided the announcements; I had seven and Harry had eight.

We walked out and started our job. I first of all hung one for each of the elevators (there were two).

Then I went to the main salloon (or whatever you call it) on the first floor of the building and hung two.

I hung some in the hallways and then I went to the stairs, and put the rest.

I hated the stairs! They had those lights that you switched on and turned off after some minutes. So you didn't know when the light would turn off.

-"OH SHIT", I cried, when the light actually turned off.

I was tightly holding the fluffy kitty while touching the wall, trying to find the switch.

Then the light turned on.

-"Are you okay?", someone asked.

-"AH! Please don't kill me!", I screamed, closing my eyes shut and hugging the cat. I almost pooped my pants...

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