Chapter 3

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"ne~azusa,i wonder if chill-chan's really girl?"

I look at tsubaki confuse,when we got back from the Kitchen,we see tsubaki laying like a dead,with a dark circles in his eyes,tho we know that chill will go to ema's room,still check every room,only to fine that its all lock,but I'm curios how chill get inside ema's room,so we get in the conclusion that she's a rubbiry!and lock her inside the bathroom tho,it looks dard...well it's really dark because kaname and tsubaki broke the light,their so childish

"hmm..why"i asked,kaname wasn't here because he go outside to call the others

"she hit me too hard!look,i got dark circle in my eyes~thou,i look cute~should i thank her?but what if she's angry?because i call her bitch?!but i also call her lovable-------"

And ladies and gentlemen,tsubaki started arguing to his self

"ee~??tsu-nii??azu-nii??"we turned around to see wataru,oh right he's here,he's just sleeping

"wataru whats w-----"i was cut off when i see kaname holding chill,who was really sweating

"quick!!call masaomi!!she's hot!!!"kaname said

We froze when he say,hot,we'll he's right chill was realy hot,though she was wearing jeans and T-shirt only,

"kaname~we know she's hot!,but we don't know you have desire on her~"tsubaki tease,tho he have an irk mark on his head?

"wha--!baka!!she's sick!!"we made an 'o' shape when he said that,then we realize what he said and i quickly call masaomi while tsubaki gets a wet cloths,kaname placing her on the couch,and wataru.....just staring at her with mouth open and widen eyes,but what he said made us stop

"waaaaah?!the idol ill-sama is here?!"

"i-idol??"we asked

He pull away the glasses and scarf,woah!!she's really the idol!

"see!!"he jump and jump

"h-hmmm.."we stop when we heard her moan

"ne?ill-sama?are you okay?"wataru ask

"I'm.....not,it's hot!you!get me water!,you!fan me!!you!bring me food!and you,stay with me hmm."she order us around,kaname gets a water,while i fan her,tsubaki brings her food,-__-and wataru stay with her smiling

"kowaii~"kaname and tsubaki both said,I just nod

"what's your name?"we hear chill??or ill-sama??whatever,asked wataru

"wataru!!"wataru said very happy,with a big smile on his face,while us was a big frown,how unfair....wataru only gets to relax,and order us,while us being the slave

"ne~hidoi~your harassing us~"tsubaki suddenly said with a pout

"do i?*cough*aren't you giving me the cools to rest?this os my rest,are you mad?do you want me to be more sick~?"she said cutely .......what!!i don't said anything

"de~tsu-nii is mean~"wataru added

Waaaah!!tsubaki don't!she's decieving us,as well as wataru!!don't fall!!!don't fall!!!

"a-ah,c-continue"tsubaki said shaking,because of their cuteness,me and kaname have an poker-face,you dissapoint us tsubaki!!


We were interupted when someone call,chill??or ill-sama??


Tsubaki and azusa---on the media

Just hot!


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