Heartbreak and Love

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Alpha Derek's pov

"Someone get a doctor, now" I ordered anyone and everyone through mind link. She was still conscious, and I tried to keep her as still as possible until help arrived.

"Isabella, can you hear me?" I asked her as I held her body in my arms. She murmured something incoherent and I sighed in relief. I just needed to keep her awake until they get here. She could suffer a concussion she hit her head pretty bad. I managed to catch her before she hit the ground but her head hit the tree, as she tried to back up from me before starting to fall.  Blood was still seeping out of her head reminding me of my failure to help her.

"Alpha Derek,, the doctor should be here any second now, take this."  Alpha Stevens said handing me a white towel. I cleaned off the blood that was dripping down her forehead and then used the other side to apply pressure to help stop the bleeding. Her eyes fluttered and I could see a single tear fall down her face.

"I know it hurts but I promise you will be alright," I told her.

"What happened?"

"Is she going to be okay?"

I could hear people asking questions behind me, but I didn't care. My only concern was Isabella.

An older man made his way through the crowd and kneeled down next to us, and I was sure he was the doctor.

"I'm going to need you to explain exactly what happened to me, but first let's get her to one of the beds." He said.

I picked her up bridal style in my arms making sure to keep my left hand on the towel maintaining pressure on her wound. The doctor parted the crowd and I followed him. I was met with the gaze of her father, and I knew he was fighting everything in him to shift and challenge me. I nodded my head; to show I recognized he was upset, but now wasn't the time.

We reached what looked to be the infirmary pretty quick; it was on the first floor of the pack house. The Doctor motioned for me to lay her on the bed in front of him and I did.

"I need to check her over and it is best you wait outside. Why don't you please let my assistant know exactly what happened so when I'm done we can figure out what is going on." He said.

"I'm not leaving her," I said.

"Are you her mate?" He asked me. I was surprised he didn't know, it seemed everyone else knew.

"Yes, I am," I said proudly.

"Actually Doctor Rollo they just severed their mate bond right before this happened. He caused this he needs to leave." I heard a voice say from the door. I turned around and seen the Alphas son. What was his name again? I think it was Alex. Who did he think he was?

"You don't know what you are talking about?" I shouted.

"Actually, I do. You see we could feel her distress from the pack bond, and I went to check on her concerned when I heard her accept the severing of your bond. I decided to leave upon hearing her start reciting the acceptance to give her privacy." Alex said.

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