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In the midst of my unfathomable sleep

I was taken into a world of my dream,

I heard the sea waves running to the shore

I smelled the breeze of salty air

and I felt the little waves splashing on my feet.

I slowly opened my eyes and awakened my senses

The blending of the sun and the red ocean glistened in my eyes,

A heart stopping scenery to cherish.

I looked above and witnessed the colourful canvass of the sky,

It was mystifying that my dream placed me into a sunset viewing.

While savouring this mystical moment,

I heard a voice calling my name.

A recognizable voice – I always wanted to hearken.

Then my eyes closed without my consent,

Listening deeply to where the voice was coming from.

 But then it stopped calling my name,

I felt desperate to hear it again,

So I opened my eyes once again

and turned back to know the owner of that familiar voice.

But an attempt to glance

was stopped by a hand, right on my shoulder,

then he spoke softly, “You really love sunset, don’t you?”.

He faced me and I saw his remarkable smile

I coudn't speak, a tear dropped into my eye

He looked alarmed, but he touched my cheeks

and assured, “I’m here with you, we will watch sunset together”.

He held my hand and we walked together on the little waves

that melodically touching our feet.

An eternal stillness was binding us together.

I could feel his warm hand that made me at peace.

The tick of silence gave me a chance to look on his face,

without blinking my eyes in any seconds.

He caught me staring at him and made a puzzle face.

I just showed him a warm smile then he tightened his hold on my hand.

We were simply blissful and serene,

valuing the gift of moment we always wanted to have.

I wished that this will last forever.

I placed my hands in his arm and leaned my head on his shoulder,

like there is no another dream, where we can do this together.

And He uttered, “It’s fine, I’m always here for you”.

Then we stopped and decided to sit together in the sand,

It’s strange to watch the sun unhurriedly setting down,

as if observing and joining our moment as one.

Without even noticing him, he stood up

and bent in front of me saying, “Close your eyes”.