Christmas break nah...

Katatapos lang ng Christmas Ball …

*dug dug

*dug dug

Jhared confessed to me…

He told me that he likes me…

Haist.. panu ba oh??

Kakaloka naman.. what will I say to Cherry …

She will think I take advantage while she’s away..


Enter UniversityChatroom <click>

Enter Nickname: <cursor blinks>




>.< haist.. hirap naman maglagay ng nickname..

Enter Nickname: ms.maldita

à3 persons online

Gosh… wala palang nagoonline ditto pag vacation..

Hmmm.. sana may makachat naman akong matino..

Blah blah left the room

Agad?? O__O nu ba yan ..

Me: Hello there? Is there anyone I can talk to??






No one responded…

Makapagleave na nga...


Im yourKnight: hi!

Yes! Atleast my makakusap na co...

Me: Cool name J

Imyourknight: thanks.. maldita ka?? Parang hindi naman..

Me: hehehe.. screen name lng naman eh..

Imyourknight: I see.. wala maxadong online.. busy siguro sa pagvavacation

Me: oo nga ee.. haist..

Imyourknight: is there any problem?

Me: nothing.. Im just a bit confused…

Imyourknight: wanna talk about it??

Me: will you listen??

Imyourknight: Well, there’s no one in here... At least I can help…

Me: okay... I’ll share it to you...

Imyourknight: ^__^

Yes! May makakausap na ko..

Di naman kame magkakilala ee…

No need para mahiya ako J


Me: here it goes... I have a best friend who is so in love with this guy...

Imyourknight: then…

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