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Last year of high school. Everybody knew who I was. The openly gay "bully" of the school. I would say I was more of a bitch than a bully but... That's just me. I was sitting at the cafeteria with my friends who, by the way, were only boys. Danny, Josh and Joe. Josh and Joe were twins. And Danny, well... He was my bestfriend. "So Ally! What's your ultimate goal for this year?" Danny asked. I laughed and said "I can't say it Dan. It's a secret! For me as well!" The three of them laughed at my comment and then I saw her. Stevie Boebi. I've already seen her before but I never got the chance to talk to her. Not that I wanted to. But she was incredibly hot. "Nevermind Dan! I found it." I said still looking at Stevie. "Oh Hills is back in the game?" He said as he looked in the same direction. I've never really had a girlfriend. Who knows why... I like being alone. "No I'm not, Danny." I lied. I wasn't planning on doing anything to Stevie. I only wanted to "talk" to her.

First period was french. It was a complementary class and I thought that my friends would be with me, but no! I was from the first one who arrived in class. I sat in the back corner and layed on my desk. As the bell rang, I shut my head up and looked around the class. I didn't recognize anyone. But then I saw her at the front. Front desk, middle row. Stevie not talking Boebi. "Bonjour tout le monde! Hi everybody!" The teacher said. "Today we'll do something simple! Choose a partner and make a list of words in french you know!" She added. Everybody found someone to team up with. But I stayed still and looked at them. "Hey Ally, do you want to team up with Stevie? You're both alone so..." The teacher asked. I nodded, clearly not having a choice. "Pen and paper!" I said. She looked at me confused. "What?" She asked. "Do you have a pen and a sheet?" I asked like a mom would do with a 6 years old child. "Uh, yes!" She said as she got her pencil case and a bunch of sheets. We worked for a while. Actually, she worked and I looked at her. She was repeating all the words to make sure she was able to pronouce them. And then came the word celeri. "Celerrrrri!" She tried to say. "No, it's not like that! It's celeri." I said keeping a straight face. "That's what I said!" She said. "No you said celerrrrri!" I continued. "That's what I said!" She insisted. The bell rang and I took my bag and got out of class quickly.

Wow what a bitch. She let me do all the work and she just left without saying good bye. I took my bag and followed the rest of the group out of class. I went to my friend's locker to ask her if she wanted to hang out after school. "Hey, Rose! Want to-" I asked but got interrupted by someone. "S'cuse me. My locker's there." I turned back and saw Ally. Grumpy as ever. Or as always. "Want to hang out after school?" I asked as I got out of Ally's way. I heard her laugh and she looked at me. Rose turned to her, confused. "What's funny?" I asked. "Do you really think she wants to hang out with you?" She said, still laughing. She took one of her book out of her locker and faked it slipping out of her hands and falling on me. She laughed at me and got back to her friends who were also laughing. "What's her problem?" Rose asked. "I don't know..." I said. "Anyway, I'm going to this "back to school" party... You want to join?" Rose asked. "Rosie's going to be there too!" She added. "Okay, fine!" I said and went to second period.

"Hills, you can't say no! I'll be jamming at this party!" Danny told me. Him and the twins wanted me to go to a party after school. "Alright but stop talking about it!" I said, annoyed. I went to second period wich was history but this time, Danny was with me. The bell rang and Danny took his sweet ass time to get his things. "Danny. We'll be late." I said. He just laughed and closed his locker. "Come on Hills, you'll get us out of trouble!" I said and walked away. We arrived and the teacher was about to close the door. Shoot. Mrs. Hant. She was the worst. "Danny Padilla. Ally Hills. Late again?" She said as she looked at us in the eyes. "Yeah, we tried to find your denture." I said, unaware of who was in the classroom. Again. Stevie Boebi, front desk, middle row. She was the only one who wasn't laughing. Danny and I took the seats next to her because all of the others were taken. "Hey, how do you call a dead clam?" I whispered to Stevie as she was looking seriously at the board. I waited for her to answer but she didn't even looked at me. "Alright miss Boebi. Clam down!" I said and laughed. Danny high fived me and when I turned back to Stevie she was looking at me with those eyes. The death glare. My smile faded and I started taking notes. "Hey Stevie, can you tell me what's the last word?" I asked politely. "F*ck off, Ally." She said. Wow, and I was being polite! "Hey Danny! Can you ask your little friend over there what's the last word?" I asked him. He talked to the girl behind her and she talked to the girl next to her and finally talked to Stevie. "It's Douglas." She said. I looked at her, pissed off. "Two can play this game." She said and turned back to the board.

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