"Yeah, I can never get away from it."

"Is, is that-," you peered closer at a paper with a picture on it, "Is that a corpse?"

Molly's eyes widened in horror and she quickly shoved the picture into a folder. She groaned and placed her hands in front of her face.

"Yes," she groaned, "Yes, I work at a morgue. You probably think I'm a freak now."

You laughed which surprises her and she peeked out at you from between her fingers.

"I don't care that you work at a morgue, Molly," you chuckled.

"Really?" she asked letting her hands go back to her scone to break off another piece.

"No. Personally I don't have a problem with it. Now if you worked for the Mafia we might have a problem but a morgue psh no biggie."

She smiled and you knew that this would be the beginning of a great friendship.

Over the course of the two weeks you had worked at the café you had noticed that she always sat in the window seat and even when she had loads of paperwork to do you would catch her staring out the window as if hoping to catch a glimpse of someone. You had taken to sitting with her at lunch breaks and observed that when she thought you weren't looking she would chance a glance outside.

On another particularly dreary day you were sitting across from her and sipping your latte.

"Molly, who do you keep watching out the window for?"

Molly's face flushed and she looked down at the table.

"Oh my gosh is it a guy?" you whispered excitedly. You hadn't gotten to talk to another female your age about guys for ages and missed it dearly.

A small grin spread across your friend's face as she glanced back up at you.

"It is!" you squealed in delight nearly spilling your drink.

"Shut up, (YN)," she said trying to act mad but her smile gave her away.

"What does he look like? Is he tall? Blonde? Who is it?" you asked all in a rush your drink now forgotten.

She rolled her eyes and looked back out the window.

"Someone who could never like me," she said wistfully.

You snorted.

"Molly, that is so not true. You're smart, pretty and incredibly sweet. Of COURSE this guy will like you!" you argued.

She didn't reply and kept looking out the window.


No answer.


Still nothing.


She looked back at you and you were surprised to see tears in her eyes.

"(YN), he doesn't like me and every time I see him he makes me feel like an idiot! I'm not pretty or smart or sweet," she blubbered as tears fell down her cheeks.

Shock rose in you and you grabbed a napkin to hand to Molly. As she dabbed her eyes while mumbling apologies you felt white hot anger surge through you. You grabbed her hand and she jumped.


"Molly listen to me, whoever this jerk is don't let him get to you," you said fiercely, "If he really treats you like an idiot you need to stand up to him! He's not the boss of you. Tell him off or heck give him a kick in the pants! Honestly Molly, you shouldn't have to deal with that kind of trash and if he bothers you or hurts your feelings, LET ME KNOW! I'll kick him," you mumbled, massaging your knuckles.

Molly laughed weakly.

"It's fine," she mumbled as she dried her tears, "I need to learn to stand up to him."

"Good!" you said vehemently, "Now I wanna meet this mysterious jerk."

Turns out you would meet him sooner than you thought.

Barely two days after Molly's confession, you were working behind the counter smiling falsely at a rude customer who had argued with you for the past ten minutes over the price of pumpkin spice lattes.

"I'm sorry, Sir. Please feel free to talk to the manager about it," you said through gritted teeth.

"I most certainly will not!" he snarled angrily, "I shall take my business elsewhere!"

And with that he strutted out of the shop.

"Thank Odin," you muttered rubbing a hand across your forehead.

Someone coughed and you opened your tired eyes to see a rather attractive man standing before you. He was wearing a long black coat with a dashing blue scarf tied over his neck. A mop of unruly black curls covered his head and a few rebellious strands fell across his forehead. His gorgeous blue eyes narrowed and you mentally cursed yourself for staring.


He rolled his eyes at you and then proceeded to order his coffee. Black with two sugars. Nodding you turned around and begin to make it up. As soon as you were finished you walked around the counter searching the crowded café for the man. Your eyes fastened on his blue scarf and carefully you made your way over to him. He was sitting across from a very flushed Molly Hooper. Behind his back you raise your eyebrows and mouthed, Him? at her and she nearly choked on her coffee as she nodded. Containing a smile you walked up to their table and consulted the receipt.

"Mr.," you paused as you recognized the name, "Mr. Sherlock Holmes?"

He glanced up at you and you handed over the coffee.

So this was the jerk who had broken Molly's heart. Your upstairs neighbor. What a small world.

He waved you off and you sent Molly a look that said, HE'S A TOTAL JERK WHAT THE HECK IS HE DOING HERE? She sent you an apologetic look in return and you briskly turned on your heel about to head back towards the counter when a voice stopped you.

"Molly, please choose your friends more wisely. That one is an utter idiot."

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