Chapter Two - Secrets (FAKE pt I)

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Annabeth fitted the brown wig over her blonde curls. Once it was in place, she applied plenty of makeup and chucked a grey sweatshirt over her white tee shirt. She headed out of her apartment with only a questioning look from her maid.

Her combat boots clicked on the pavement as she headed towards the nearest bakery from her apartment; Katie's. The owner, Katie Gardiner, was a close friend of hers.

"Hey Miranda!" Annabeth greeted the girl who was standing at the counter, Katie's younger sister who she also knew quite well. Miranda stared at Annabeth for a second before a look of recognition crossed her face.

"Oh, hey!" Miranda said. "The usual, I presume?"

"You guys know me so well." Annabeth smiled. Miranda pushed a number across the counter and Annabeth picked it up.

"It'll be ready in a few minutes." Miranda said.

"Thanks Mandy!"

"No probs, Annie."

Annabeth made her way over to her favourite spot by the window. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and went into her notes folder. Song ideas were scattered around; edits and remixes from Victors, old songs which didn't make the cut and just random lines that didn't fit in. She created a new note and began typing in a verse.

You came up to me
'Cause you're so cool
Well I'm not seeing it
You're just another boy.

She scrunched up her nose. No, it didn't sound right. Annabeth backspaced and began retyping out the words. She wrote for a solid minute, then reread over them.

Eventually, her coffee arrived and she had something to drink. It continued on for a while, Annabeth pouring her heart and soul into the song lyrics whilst drinking her coffee as she wrote.

But in the back of her mind, something was pulling at her hair. She couldn't get what she had said to Percy a few days ago out of her head. He had a good point ... why not be friends? Annabeth was confused. Had she made the wrong decision?


Percy had been indoors for three days straight - if he'd counted correctly. He'd just been chilling out playing video games and sleeping - also eating from time to time, but that was all.

He hadn't touched his phone.

Not even to delete Annabeth's contact. It was still saved into his phone, and said phone had been lying on his beside table, slowly gathering dust and losing battery power. Percy didn't know what had happened on social media, and frankly, he didn't care.

What Annabeth had said had struck him hard. So hard, that he knew he had to clear his head. And there he was, wearing Captain America's trademark disguise; cap and sunglasses and just casually walking  through the bustling streets of New York City aimlessly.

Percy had been walking for about half an hour when he stumbled upon a bakery - and to his grumbling stomach's delight, entered. He made his way to the counter.

"Good morning! How may I help you?" The girl at the counter smiled.

"Uh ... could I have a large hot chocolate and one of those -" he glanced in the food display window. "-blue cupcakes, please?"

"Have here or takeaway?"

"Uh, have here, thanks."

"That comes to nine dollars ninety-nine cents."

Percy pulled a ten dollar note put of his wallet and handed it to the girl. She slid a number across the table and he took it, turning back to the busy bakery café.

It was so busy that there weren't any free seats left. Percy sighed, about to turn back to the girl when he spotted a free seat next to someone typing on a fancy looking cellphone screen.

Percy made his way over to the girl. She was sipping on a cup of coffee, probably texting her friends or scrolling through Instagram, Percy assumed.

"Is this seat taken?"

The girl glanced up, and Percy was hit with a storm grey eyed stare.

"No." The answer was sharp. It took him a moment to reply.

"Uh, do you mind if I sit here?"

The girl's eyes snapped around the bakery, then went back to him.

"Alright then."

"Cool, thanks."

Percy sat down, placing the number on the table. He stared out the window beside him, bouncing his knee up and down like he did when he got bored and his ADHD kicked in.

"You know, for a celebrity, you have a pretty rubbish disguise." The girl said, not glancing up from her phone once.

"Huh?" Percy looked at the girl again. "Do I know you -"

He stopped talking. Those eyes. All that makeup. The now-obvious wig. And that voice...

"I didn't recognise you for a sec there, Wise Girl."

"Don't suppose you would, Seaweed Brain."

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