Chapter 15

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Shay's POV

     "Shay!" Hana shouts as she traps me into a corner. "Looks like you didn't do as I told you to." She said looking mad and raising an eyebrow. "I-I'm sorry but, I can't do that." I said but unable to look into her eyes. "Look at me!" She demands as she cups my chin to look up at her with her hand. But instead of looking at her, I stare at the window. "You (female dog)!" She curses. *dont wanna type out the word. ^_~*

     As Hana starts cursing out and shouting more, instead of listening, my mind starts going blank and I can barely hear her voice. I feel like this happened before, someone did this before... I'm feeling so weak and I'm starting to lose balance. "Hey, what the heck?" I hear Hana said.

     I fall to my knees weakly. Losing conscious, everything turns black and I feel myself fall on the floor...


     I slowly open my eyes and see a white ceiling above me. What...where am I...? My eyes opens wider and I find myself in the infirmary bed.

     "You're awake, jeez. What is with you?" Someone says beside me. "Whoa. Ayato-kun, what happened?" I asked surprised. "How would I know what happened? I should be asking you that. Honestly, you worry people too much." He sighs.

     "Sorry." I apologized. "If you're feeling better, then let's go." Ayato says as he gets up. "You know, we never kissed before." He said looking at me. I go red. "W-wha—what are you thinking?" I quickly asked him as I cover my mouth. "You're mad red. What'd with that dirty mind of yours? But, lucky for you, I don't force someone to do stuff. Especially since it'll be your first." He sighs crossing his arms.

     "I wouldn't mind if it was you—" I gasp knowing what I just said and turn bright red. "I mean—I didn't meant that! I swear!" I blurted out. "You do know that you're turning me up right? That expression is cute, and sexy." Ayato says coming closer as he crouch down in front of me with one hand on the bed and the other one taking my hands away from my mouth.


     "You can't make me back down no more, you've already turned me up." Ayato licks his lips. "It's your fault." He smirks. "A-Ayato, we're in school. A-anyone can just come in." I said stumbling on my words. "So what? We are a couple after all, it wouldn't be weird."

     Ayato leans closer and closer and just as his lips are about to touch mine, I squeeze my eyes shut. But instead of feeling his lips on mine, I feel his lips on my forehead. I open my eyes surprised and he backs away and snickers.

     "You expect too much." He laughs. "Why, you want me to actually kiss you?"

     "I-I—" I bite my lips trying to find the right words to say.

     "A first kiss is important and special, I wouldn't want it in an infirmary." He says walking away. Oh, so that's why he didn't kiss me on my lips. So then where would our first kiss be? I wondered to myself.

     "Hurry up." He calls. "Ah, coming." I said leaving the bed and going towards him. Then we both walked out together.

Ayato's POV

     "We probably won't even be able to kiss if your mom's gonna be bugging." I said taking Shay's hand and knowing that her mother wouldn't allow any relationship. "What's with that anyways? Didn't your brothers dated when they were in high school?" I asked.

     "They did. It's just not fair. She's such a witch. Let's not talk about her." She said looking upset. "You're so cute, every expression you have is so cute." I smile changing the subject.

     Shay goes red. "You–you say that so lightly. I bet you say that to every girl you dated." She pouts looking up at me. Gosh that's a cute expression.

     "You're the only girl that I actually mean those words to. Do that pout expression again. It's cute." I smirk. Shay quickly looks away. "Sh...shut up. Come on, let's go to class, what time is it?" She asks changing the subject. "Lunch is almost over." I replied.

     "What?! I passed out for that long?!" She shouts. "Lunch is almost over?!"

     "Don't worry, there's like ten minutes left, and I bought you food already. Knowing you, you eat fast so you'll be fine." I said. "Come on, let's go eat." I tug on her hand as we start walking faster.

     "Ayato..." Shay says. I stop and turn to her. "Yeah?" I asked.

     I see that she's slightly blushing. "'re the best." After she said those words, I turn away from her. "Huh? Ayato?" She asks confused. I'm blushing by how cute Shay is. "Gosh, no girl has ever made me feel like this before." I mumble so that she couldn't hear the words.

     "Huh?" She asked. "Nothing. Let's just go." I said turning around after calming down and we start walking again.

Shay's POV

Ugh, I don't want to keep lying to him but I also don't want him o worry. Just a little while longer Shay. Heh, it'll be alright...right...?

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