Impulse x Reader

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Y/N = Your Name
F/A = Favorite Animal


I let out a peaceful sigh as I slouched back on my couch watching TV. It was another peaceful day - no supervillains running around causing havoc; no homework or essays due; nothing. Just peace and quiet. Or at least that's what I hoped for.

"Hey, (Y/N)!" Bart greeted as he speed through the door with a wide grin, not even bothering to shut the door. I let out a low groan, slouching even deeper into the couch.
"What do you want?" I mumbled, looking back at the TV.
"Well, there's this carnival thing coming through this week and I really want to go, and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me!" He beamed, his face practically glowing with eagerness.
"Why can't you take Jaime or Tim?" I drawled, my eyes transfixed on the screen. Bart stepped in front of it, blocking my view.
"Because they're either busy or really want to kick my butt. . . maybe both."
"I can't see why they would want to kick your butt," I sighed sarcastically.
"Me too!" I let out a groan, trying to move so I can see the TV, but every time I moved, Bart would move also.

"(Y/N)!" He mimicked. I glared at him, his face copying mine. I growled.
"Fine I'll go with you to that stupid carnival thing." Bart cheered in joy, grabbing my arm and dragging me towards the door.
"Bart, wait! I need my shoes!"

With the help of Bart's super speed, we were able to get to the carnival just as the gates opened.
"Alright! Let's go!" Bart grinned, dragging me through the crowds of families and couples.
"Remind me why you wanted to come to this again?" I asked, glancing around with a bored look.
"Because this place is totally crash! Not to mention retro."
"Yeah - we don't have these things where I come from." I nodded slowly.
"Sure thing, McFly."
"I still don't get that reference."

Bart had no clue where he wanted to go to first; he was like one of the kids running around with a ball of cotton candy - excluding the kid part. I noticed him eyeing up the Roll-a-Ball stand. I rolled my eyes and smirked, tugging his arm and dragging him over to the game. I held up two fingers and handed over a couple of dollars. The woman smiled and handed over couple of balls.
"H-how do you play?" Bart asked in a hushed voice. I laughed and threw a ball up before catching it.
"Just watch."

I looked up at the balls and got into a ready stance. With a quick flick I let go of the ball, making it land in the 100.
"Yes!" I cheered, looking over at Bart who wasn't too sure whether to be happy or not. I rolled my eyes with a smile.
"It's kind of like bowling."
". . . bowling?"

I huffed as my smile dropped and turned back to the game. I flicked the second ball up, missing all of the holes. I let out a sharp breath whilst Bart snickered behind me. I rolled my eyes before trying once more, only to land in the 10.
"Sorry, kid," the woman said with a sympathetic smile, "you need to get at least 150 in order to win a prize." She pointed to the row of stuffed toy animals, the (F/A) standing out to me in particular. I felt my bottom lip jut out a little but smiled back at the woman, then turned to Bart.
"You're turn, future boy," I said, mumbling the 'future boy' part. Bart smirked, and eyed the (F/A) also.

Confidently, he walked over and picked up a ball, studying it carefully before looking at the holes.
"Come on, Bart. The future is-" With a quick flick, Bart let go of the ball - maybe a bit too quickly as it hit the back wall. Bart smiled awkwardly at the woman before turning back to the game. I rolled my eyes and covered my face, feeling his embarrassment. I peeked through my fingers as he tried again. 100. A grin covered both mine and Bart's faces. Bart turned to me in excitement. I held up my thumbs before telling him to go again. Another 100.

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