Chapter 27

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On my way home, I look in my rear view mirror and see a car following behind me. I change lanes and the car follows me. I drive a little further and then change lanes again. The car changes lanes with me. I'm about to pick up my phone when it rings. I use the Bluetooth on the steering wheel to answer, "Hello?"

"Hailee?" Agent Holmes voice fills the interior of the SUV. "I'm here. I think I'm being followed." I answer.

"You most likely are. Your detail was ambushed and called us the minute that you left the lot. Is the car following you black?"

"Yes, it is."

"You are being followed. We know where you are and new detail is on the way. We're about to give you directions on where to go, okay?"

"Okay." I brace myself for what is going to come next. I thought fighting was bad, this is ten times worse. I feel like I don't have a lot of control right now. "What lane of the highway are you in?" Agent Holmes asks.

"I'm in the middle lane."

I need you to move to the inside lane and speed up to eighty." I do what he says and the car behind me does the same. "Did he follow you?" I nod my head and remember that he can't see me, "Yes."

"Okay. You are by exit twenty-eight now. When you approach exit thirty-one, I want you to take it without any warning. You know how to do this. We trained you remember?"

I don't say anything because exit thirty-one is approaching. I speed across four lanes of traffic to get to it and then get off. I glance behind me and they missed the exit. "Were they able to follow you?"

"No." I breathe out a sigh of relief.

"Good job. Come on into the station. We're waiting for you." I get my bearings and figure out where I'm located and drive myself to the station. I walk inside and I'm met by Agents Yard and Holmes and Samson reaches for me and giving me a hug. "Oh baby. It's okay. We're here."

I feel him kiss me on the top of my head and I look up at him. He reaches his hands up and wipes my tears away. "Come on, let's get you into a conference room." He leads all of us into a conference room so that we're alone.

"What happened?" I ask.

"The agents said that as soon as you were about to drive off, someone came running by and stabbed the tires, so they couldn't take off after you. Then a black car whizzes by and follows you. They were already immediately calling us, so we were able to get a hold of you and get rid of them quickly."

"There will be another detail on you when you leave here. We also took another car to your townhouse for you since we have to switch it out. We got you the same type of SUV you already have, just in a different color. They'll probably be looking for a different car."

"How did they know about my detail? I don't even know who they are until they show up to help me." I sit down in the chair that Samson pulls out for me. "I can't deal with this anymore. You all need to find this bitch, because when I see her, I may be facing a murder charge myself."

I feel Samson's hand rubbing my back soothingly, "I'll be with you everywhere you go from now on until she is caught."

"We're going to change the car that the detail has. We're also checking for someone who may be on the inside. If they know who the detail is when you don't even know, then someone on our team is the snitch. That's why we got you new detail from another state. They'll be here in another hour. Samson, why don't you take her to your office to lay down." Agent Yard suggests.

Samson nods and helps me up. As we are walking out the door, it hits me what they just said. I stop and turn to all of them, "Office?"

"I was going to tell you later at home, but I'm with the FBI full time now. They told me that they've been impressed with what I've been doing and offered me a job. What do you think?" He beams. "Congratulations! You deserve it." I stand on my tip toes and kiss him. I turn and smile at the Agents, "Thanks."

"We didn't do anything, but he deserves it. Now go lay down for a while. "Agent Holmes says. I let Samson lead me to his new office. It's really nice and modern. After locking the door to his office, he leads me to a wall, pressing a button. A door opens and there is a small apartment inside of it. He walks over to another wall and pulls on a lever and a bed comes down. After making sure it's secure, he pulls me over to it and we both lay down.

"Everything will be fine babe. I'm here with you." He pulls me close and rubs my back until I fall asleep.

I wake up alone and go into the bathroom, refreshing myself. When I come out, Samson is finishing making up the bed and putting it back up into the wall. He turns around, "Are you hungry?" I nod. "Great! There's dinner in my office. He finishes putting the bed away.

I follow him into his office and the smell of barbecue assaults my nostrils making my stomach growl. Samson laughs and leads me over to the table. We sit down and I start to inhale my food. I didn't realize how hungry I was until I sat down. I finish and lean back in my seat, patting my stomach. Samson takes the other half of my food and finishes it. "Why do you have a bedroom in your office?"

"It's for emergency measures. If for some reason we're on lockdown, we'll have a place to sleep or a place to hide out if needed. In this case, we needed it for you. Every office has one, but not everyone has an office." He explains.

"How did you get one?"

"I guess with the type of work that I do, I need an office."

"Will you still do this type of work after mommy demented is caught?"

"I'll be doing what Agent Holmes and Yard does. I want to be able to come home to you every night." I smile and move my hand across the table joining it with his. We sit quietly for a minute until there's a knock on his door. He goes to answer it while I throw away our plates.

Agent Yard pokes her head inside, "Your new detail is here and ready to go. You two can go home now." I nod, "Thanks."

"Be safe and I'll talk to you later." She smiles and closes the door behind her. Samson walks over to me encircling me in his arms, "Ready to go home?" I nod and he grabs my hand, pulling me out the door.  

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