Compassion for her

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Kylo's P.O.V

I love her and she hates me. I have compassion for her and she has hatred for me. I was in a medical center where medical droids were taking care of me. What happened was when me and Rey were battling she hit my shoulder with my grandfathers lightsaber and then my uncle Luke's lightsaber after that. General Hux then came in and I got up in shock. "Supreme leader Snoke wants Kylo Ren as soon as your done and he doesn't sound too happy." Hux went out of the room and slammed the door. I needed to go....NOW!! I tried to get up but the droids grabbed my shoulders and pinned me down. I usually could easily get them off of me but my shoulder was way too weak. I screamed "LET GO OF ME LET GO OF ME!!" and they never did. They were finally done right when I said that and I got up as soon as they were done. They explained to me that I now have a robotic arm and that it works pretty much just like a regular arm. I walked out of the room to my own little room which everybody had. I sat on my bed and I put my hands over my face. I was so stressed and I didn't even want to see Snoke because I knew that he would just cause me more anxiety. Oh no...I felt it again...the pull to the light! I couldn't take this anymore...the pull to the light...I knew why it was happening...I have too much compassion for her...for Rey.

Authors note:
I really hope you guys enjoy this! I will probably update tomorrow so yea hope you guys are enjoying this! See ya!

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