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Kevin Pov
Wasspoppin it's ya boy Keviekev! I'm 15 and I'm in a boy group called The_bomb_digz. I'm from New York but I live in New Jersey with my best friends Daniel,Devin,and Devin's family. Devin  has three sisters  Jazzy(13) ,Taylor (14),and Lexi (18). Taylor is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She's smart,pretty,and independent. Everything a guy wants in a girl.She doesn't know I like her and that's good because I have a problem.Devin said his sister's was off limits. I don't know what to do.Anyway it's  Sunday night and the boys and I are in our room chilling. Daniel on his phone, Devin playing GTA (like always) ,and for me I'm just on my computer.

Tay:*walks in* Hey Hey

Devin:Hey sis



Tay: What you guys doing *sits down*


Tay:*smile* cool

Omg her smile,it's so pretty. She has a million dollar smile. She doesn't under*GCO*


Kev:*comes back to reality * huh

Tay:*giggles* I've been calling you for the past 2 minutes

Kev:*laugh nervously * oh sorry

Dev:*looks* ayaa

Tay:Shutup Dev



Dev:*tickles Taylor *


Devin is really close to his sisters. He makes sure they are happy.

Tay:Well I'm a go bother Lexi bye *walks out*

Dev:We should Do a YouNow

Kev: Ight

I got on Twitter to let our digz know.

Dev: Ayaaa Ayaaa

Dev: Ayaaa Ayaaa

Dan: Yo this movie crazy


Dev:Aye we lit

Kev: WE LIT!

Dev: Ayee

Dan: *goes to get something *

Kevin: *on his laptop *

(A/N if u watched the YouNow they did a couple weeks ago ,when it was night and they said they wanted us to see them before bed because it was a school night. This is the modified version)

Devin POV
Ayaa it's ya boy D.Gord a ha ya heard.I know Kev has feelings for my sister but I'm a just watch and let this play out. Tbh I don't have a problem with them going out. I actually think they would be a cute couple.

Dev:*looks at the computer * Aye we have a tip war

Kev: Tip war *claps*

Dev: We got a tip war buddy *paying attention to his game*

Dan: If I don't talk it's because I'm watching a movie
Kev:* imitates Daniel* if I don't talk it's because I'm watching a movie

Dev:*laugh and look at the comments* Pay attention to us. Kev they mad at you

Kev: What why

Dev:you not paying attention to them

Kev: come on y'all know I love y'all but I'm doing something very important

Dev: Daniel they mad.

Daniel: Why

Dev: You said you would do a back flip

Daniel: *quiet*


Kev: *puts computer down* I know y'all got school but we wanted you to see us before bed

Devin: yea so we going to get off

Kevin: night babes

Devin:Night *ends the YouNow*

A/N so that was the first chapter tell me what you think

A/N so that was the first chapter tell me what you think. Like&Comment

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