The Breed of Destruction

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"I don't care about the notes," Hannah said, crossing her arms as she leaned her back against the edge of her desk. "You are very bright, Ana; I know for a fact you have all this material—and more—down. Mind you, I will not give you special privileges for it, but you are required to at least give me some effort."

"Got it," Ariana said, standing. 

"I'm worried about you," the woman added, halting her. "You grow more isolated every year. I know you have friends—friends that love you—yet you pull back. This is not just my concern as a teacher, but as someone who cares about—"

"I appreciate it, Professor, really," Ariana offered, cheeks pink from anger, "but I think that is my business. Now, if that's all, may I leave?"

Hannah Longbottom gave a firm nod, motioning to the door. "I'll see you, Ana." 

Ariana barely had a chance to let out the breath she was holding when she was bombarded by eager emerald eyes. Albus kicked off from the side of the door. "What did Hannah want? She didn't ask about the mandrake that went missing from Neville's greenhouse, right? Because Scorpius and I didn't knick it, promise. And if rumor ends up being true, well we are only using it as a prank on Lysander Thomas, just so he can lay off Alice."

She furrowed her brows when Al gripped on the strap of her schoolbag, holding her in place. "Alice Longbottom doesn't need you or Scorpius meddling in her love life. And if you idiots hurt Lysander, I will turn you in. He's a good bloke."

Al huffed. "We aren't saying he isn't, but there are rules, you know? Dash fancies Alice and Lysander is in the way." 

"Is that the way you handle your feelings, then? By being barbaric?"

"I'm not barbaric. For you I would—" Al stopped. Something glimmered in Ariana's silver eyes and he found the world around him disappear. His body wanted to direct him a step forward, closer to her; it wanted him to place a hand at the side of her face, running a thumb on her pink cheek, before pressing a feathering kiss on it. 

Ariana held her breath again, the air cold when she could sense his intentions. She felt the pull in her chest; she knew her heart was singing out for him, a song only he knew, but she wanted to smother it. She was inclined to silence it before the line was crossed and nothing would ever be the same. 

"Ri," he murmured, hand slipping from her strap to slide down her arm, slowly making way to her hand. His fingers dipped into her palm. "For you I would...I would be—"

The moment was crushed when a familiar blonde intercepted them in the middle of the corridor. Ariana was never happier to see her big brother and his glaring eyes. 

At her distraction, Al blinked back and zeroed in on Scorpius. Immediately, he jumped back from Ariana, brushing his hand against his robes to erase the trace of her skin on it.

"Why are you with the beast?" he directed at Albus. "I told you we needed to meet on the first floor."

"I wasn't with her," Al mumbled, stepping back further from Ariana. "Hannah held her back and I just wanted to make sure the professors weren't onto us about the mandrake thing. That's all, mate."

Scorpius kept his scowl, turning it from his best friend to his sister. "Well?" he snapped as she lingered.  "Don't you have a table filled with Gryffindors waiting for you? Get out of here, Ana."

"Twats," she hissed at both, disappointment growing in her chest when Al never met her eyes.

Of course she was isolated, Ariana Malfoy was surrounded by idiots.


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