Vampire and Slayer-(14 My Fight)

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"Next time," I laughed under my breath.

"Yes, next time."

"Sure. Hey April!" I changed the subject quickly.

"Hey Aerie, jerk," she said addressing the both of us.

"Morning, April," Ben said and took out his books, sitting down on my left, a smug, preppy grin masking his detest.

"Play nice, boys and girls," I muttered and turned my attention to Mr. Iltnew's boring lecture.

Monday's fight wasn't the only source of argument between us. We spent most of P.E. standing in the field screaming at each other about whose night it was. I could tell Coach Conifer was worried, but far too scared of us to do anything. Actually, everyone seemed scared. I was surprised, a lot, that my mother didn't come out of her class room to assess the cause of all the ruckus.

In the end I agreed, grudgingly, that it was his night then ditched ten minutes before the bell to kill something in Corvallis. I managed to find two there and one in the mountains. I chased him for miles on foot praying the whole way that this short staying-up on the forest floor streak would last.

We weren't in Alsea, but we were close. Out of nowhere in particular, Ben and a blonde female materialized. He was chasing her, shouting taunts the whole way.

I growled as I saw them, then got an unusual surprise; the blonde female and my own scarlet haired male joined forces, standing back-to-back ready for combat. The sun was barely shining through the trees.

They may very well have the upper hand especially considering if one gets injured the other could give it venom to heal it. Delightful.

"You take west!" I shouted to Ben. "Don't bother with trying to keep a certain one, just get whoever is closest!"

"Got it!" he yelled back and dove at the female. My body slammed into the male vampire and I learned his name was Khan; he was from a Russia, and here to kill me. Together, we managed to abolish both, but Ben got overprotective again and ended up with a broken arm.

I drove him to his car then drove his car to his house. All the while I preached to him about how he needed to just fight his fights, not mine. All the while he ignored me and rolled his eyes. I made him up some tea following a recipe he scribbled onto a piece of paper. The only ingredient I didn't recognize was the vial of silvery liquid I found in the freezer. Even though it was in the thirty degree frost, it was still very liquid. Suspiciously, I brought it to him.

He sat on the edge on his bed, his shirt stripped and resting on the floor. "Idiot," I muttered and handed him the glass. He gulped the whole thing in two large swallows, what would have taken me no less than ten. "More?"

"No," he shook his head and cradled his arm.

"By the way, what's in that vial?"

He stared at me incredulously. "Do you really want to know?"

"Yes. I do."

He sighed and confessed. "To be modest, vampire venom. To be immodest, my boiled then chilled spit."

I made a puckering face. "I drank that?" my voice was a croak.

Laughing, Ben answered. "You asked."

"True," I whispered, my mind already elsewhere. I had a million questions, but they could wait. They all could wait. "I'm leaving," I announced and rose.

"Thank you and goodbye," he said, suddenly blocking my path.

I shuddered. It was like a nightmare. The enemy in every corner. "Bye," I muttered, not bothering to crane my neck the extra six inches to meet his eyes. He was too tall if he really wanted me to look. Mayhap he shrunk a little from six foot, six or I grew a little from five foot, six, five foot, nine with boots, I would actually try to see him when I knew it would just hurt me. But no one was changing height right now, I hoped.

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