Chapter 1

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"Wake up,idiot"my roommate hit me on my back.

"What the hell,Maria?!?"

"Just shut up and come to the kitchen. We finally get breakfast today"


We don't get fed in this orphanage often. It's rare like the love in the building. I was put in here when I was 3. I am now 14. My mom was a prostitute and my dad was a drug addict.

I don't remember much. But the bad thing is,the stuff I remember aren't good things. I remember one time my mom told me she was going to show me where she worked. We winded up going to a really bad neighborhood and into a rundown apartment complex.

We went up the stairs and she knocked on the door. A large man,that wasn't my dad,answered the door. We were pulled in and my mom and the man went into a different room. I was left in the corner,crying,because I was so scared and I had no idea what was going on.

A few minutes later,I heard moans and screaming from my mom and the man. I tried my best to block out the sound by covering my ears,but it didn't work.

About an hour later my mom came out with her underwear and her bra sticking out of her purse.

"Mommy?!"I remember saying.

"Let's go,Jianna"she yanked me up by my shirt collar.

She held me on her hip and walked out of the door. Before we walked out of the building the man caught up the us.

"Christina..."he called my mom.

"You forgot this"he handed her a $20 bill.

She took the money and the man kissed her right in front of me. Slut.

"JIANNA,HURRY BEFORE THE FOOD IS GONE!!"Someone yelled,snapping me from my thoughts.

I hopped out of bed and ran downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and sat in my spot. Mrs.White,our house mother,laid a pancake in front of me. I grabbed a jar of Nutella and found it to be empty. I rolled my eyes and reached for the syrup.

"This is only for the people who deserve!"Maria snatched it away from me.

I sighed and began to eat my dry pancake.

"There is someone coming to adopt,today. I showed them a few papers and he is very interested in you. So after you eat I want you to get cleaned up. Today could be your lucky day"Mrs.White whispered in my ear.

I smiled brightly. Maybe this would be the day. But I've been saying that for 11 years so I shouldn't get my hopes up too high.

After I finished my breakfast, I went upstairs and took a shower. I put on my skinny jeans and a black T-shirt with a white smiley face on it. I tied my black and white flannel around my waist and out on my white high top Converse. I straightened my long hair that went to the end of my back.

"Jianna,someone downstairs is here for you"my friend,Allison,came in my room.

I went downstairs and saw Mrs.White sitting with a man. He had big,brown eyes,long,messy blonde hair,and bright pink lips.

"Here she is"Mrs.White walked him over to me.

"Hello,I'm Justin Bieber. It's nice to meet you"he extended his hand to shake mine.

I looked at his hand. Tempted to shake it. But yet,skeptical. Being the risk taker that I am,I shook his hand.

"Let's all have a seat"Mrs.White took Justin and I over to the couch in the front room.

"When I first read your records I was amazed in how BEAUTIFUL your name was,Jianna"he said.

"thank you"I blankly said with a smile.

"So,tell me about yourself"

"What do you wanna know?"

"Do you have any talents? Favorite food? Favorite color? Favorite musician?"

"Well,I can sing a little. My favorite food is Oreos,pizza,and ice cream. My favorite colors are black and white if you couldn't tell by my outfit. And my favorite musicans would have to be Derek Luh,Skate Maloley,Stew Maloley, DJ Rupp, and Jack and Jack"

"Who are they?"he asked.

I dramatically gasped.

"How dare you ask me that sinful question?!"I dramatically said.

"I'm sorry! Please don't kill me!"he put his hands up and surrendered.

"I'm not going to kill you"I laughed.

"OK,thank you Jianna. You may go back upstairs"Mrs.White smiled.

I shook Justin's hand again and went back upstairs.

*Justin's POV*

Jianna is a very bright and beautiful girl. It almost seems like she's a normal girl. But I'm going by what Mrs.White told me.

"She's amazing!"I said. "She seems normal. She's funny and very beautiful"

"Yeah but she has some Issues"

"What do you mean?"

"She may seem normal but she's been through a lot and she has anger problems. When she gets really mad shell start breaking things,screaming and cursing,and she hit the walls. She'll go insane"

"She can't do much destruction"

"You see that door right there"she pointed to a doorway with no door.

"There is no door"

"Exactly. She was upset and got so angry that she starting hitting and kicking the door so hard that she tore it off"

All I did was nod my head.

"I still want her"

"Are you sure we have many other..."I cut her off.

"No. I. Want. Her"I assured her.

"OK" she sighed. "I'll get the papers"

She walked into another room to grab the papers that I have to sign. It was finally the time I would have my own baby. Well,mature baby.
OMG! THE FIRST CHAPTER! I'm sorry if it sucked but trust me this book is filled with drama. And if you're wonder about the name,it's my name and Justin's name together:). Plus,she's like me because we both love Derek Luh and have minor anger ISSUESBut I'm not adopted.
I love you guys!

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