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            Lena's p.o.v
He took me downstairs. I didn't know where we were going since this house was so HUGE. There were like what? 100 different rooms?

We walked in a room, I assume the kitchen. Duh, why is there a fridge in there anyways.
He saw me staring at the fridge.
Do you want something to drink sweetheart?
Uhm yes I want water.
You're not very polite Lena.
I sighed. Could I have a water please?
Yes that sounds better.
Well, can I get some water now?
There you go.
He grabbed a bottle of water.
My throat was really dry. So that water helped a lot.
I was leaning against the kitchen island.
Well, mr. Unkown... Owh wait. You're name was Rick right?
No my name is Nick.
His voice was so dark and mysterious, that it kinda turned me on.
It felt really weird because I should be very mad at him.
When are you going to tell me why you took me her?
Let's sit down.

Jace's p.o.v

WHERE IS SHE?! My head was so full of thoughts that I couldn't think straight.
I called Lena's mother and she was really upset of Lena's disappear. I didn't have a clue why somebody would take her. Was she just on the wrong place on the wrong time?
I'm not going to waste my time on thinking where she could be.
I'm going to look for her myself. This is taking to long so I have to do something.

I first searched around the neighbourhood. Ofcourse, I couldn't find her anywhere.
Where the hell did that creep take her?
My phone vibrates.
A slight hope that they found Lena came into my mind. Riele's name popped on the screen. I explained her everything.
Riele: What? Jace, is this a sick prank? It's really not funny. I heard some rumours and..
I cut her off.
Jace: No! Riele listen, this isn't a prank this is all happening and it is my fault.
Riele: You're fault... Jace what is happening? Should I be concerned?
Jace: I can't tell you now okay? Don't worry I'll find her.
And with that. I hung up

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