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  With a loud gasp you sat up from your bed, breathing heavily your scared [e/c] eyes glanced around the small room you were in. You were still in the Star Killer base, in your own room.

You blinked a couple times to rid of the painful stinging tears in your eyes as you lifted a hand and wiped away a few stray tears away from your cheeks.

Lifting the plain grey blanket and swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you paused.
What would someone think if they say you out at such a late hour just because of something so simple and silly? Your tired eyes glared down at the ground as you thought about it, you didn't want that, you didn't want them to think you were a child even though you are 7; you longed to be seen as mature and this will surely ruin all you've worked for.

But then again, you are 7 and the dream was frightening and you didn't care about what anyone thought right now, you just wanted comfort. And so you hopped out of bed, your bare feet meeting the cold metallic floor, making soft padding sounds as you slowly crept to your door and out into the halls.

Slowly and quietly you crept through the halls, hiding in the shadows or behind a wall if a trooper happened to pass by and continuing on your mission to find one person you knew you could trust, the person you had grown attached to.

Kylo Ren was in his quarters, mask off and in a simple black shirt with comfortable black pants sitting in a chair that was by a desk, scribbling away on a piece of paper when he heard a soft knock at the door. He set his pen to the side and looked over to the door, hearing the soft knock once more only a bit more frantic.

Getting up and walking to it, he opened it and was surprised to see you, eyes red and cheeks puffy, you looked very tired. Curiously he stepped to the side allowing you to enter and closed the door when you did.

You slowly shuffled your way over to the bed and climbed up, sitting and staring at him with tired eyes as he sat back down in the chair he was previously sitting in.

"[Y/n] why are you here and at this hour?" He asked lifting a leg up and over his other as his brown eyes gazed at you. You fidgeted under his gaze, suddenly regretting coming to him and leaving your room, Kylo was mostly the one you were trying so desperately hard on impressing, surely all you've done will be for nothing if you tell him.

Kylo cocked an eyebrow up and leaned over to you, pursing his lips. "You seem distraught, why?" He asked, shifting in his seat "You can tell me anything."

You let a small sigh past your lips as you felt your eyes sting again as new tears began to form.

"I had a nightmare and I know it's silly and childish and I shouldn't let something like that scare me because it's weak but...but Kylo I can't help it! Please don't think any less of me I tried so hard!" You cried feeling the traitorous tears you desperately tried so hard to hold back fell, rolling down your cheeks.

Kylo kept a straight face as he watched you go from sad to angry to scared and to angry once more before he sighed quietly, getting up from his seat and walking over to you and wiping away the tears from your cheeks with his thumb.

"I tried so hard to show no fear and I failed..." You muttered angrily, looking down at your balled up fists in your lap "How weak am I..."

Kylo frowned faintly as he tilted your head up gently. He wasn't one to comfort and honestly didn't know a thing when it came to it but you reminded him of him when he awoke to a nightmare in his youth and how it felt so he'd try it this for you just this once.

"It's normal to have nightmares [y/n]." He said his voice soft and soothing as he brushed away [h/c] locks of hair from your face. "And you're not weak, you're very strong. I've never known someone your age to be so...strong." He told you a smirk gracing his lips as you looked at him with wide [e/c] eyes.

"R-Really?" You exhaled, feeling a small smile begin to form on your lips as he nodded.

"Of course and you know what, I know that those nightmares are nothing against you. I know that you'll be able to crush them!" He told you as he lifted his hand and made a fist making you grin and do the same.

"Yeah! I-I guess I am pretty brave and s-strong!" You said quietly, sniffling. He nodded and striated up.

"Yes, so you're fine now? Shall I lead you back to your room?" He asked as you bit your bottom lip, looking at him shyly.

"Urm...Kylo, Would it be okay if..." You averted your eyes back down to your lap and twiddled your thumbs. "Can I stay with you? J-Just for tonight!" You asked quickly and much to your shock and delight he agreed, getting in bed with you beside him.

Just for tonight, he didn't mind.

It was for you. Someone, although he wouldn't tell anyone, he had grown fond of.  

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