Loving the Senator-chapter 1

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Chapter 1

       “God, he is gorgeous,” I whispered as the new senator took the stage. The things I thought about doing to him were sinful. He was the one man that made me think of sex, and nothing else.

As he walked to the podium, my entire body became hot and flushed. I was standing against the back wall drinking my first-well-deserved glass of champagne. It felt icy cold going down my dry, hot throat. I watched Alex get ready to deliver his acceptance speech to a crowd screaming his name. The temperature in the room shot up about twenty degrees when I looked at him standing up at the podium. In a room full of people, I noticed no one but him.    

    “Conrad, Conrad,” the crowd shouted, which brought a smile to his gorgeous face.

    The crowd hushed to a quiet roar as he began to speak. He thanked them for trusting in him and electing him as their new senator.

      “Thank you, Thank you. I don’t know what else to say right now other than you can count on me. I am grateful for everyone that helped get me where I am tonight. I want to thank my parents, though with me only in spirit, their values have made me the man I am. Thank you, Mom and Dad,” he said and looked up at the ceiling and blew a kiss. The crowd started cheering again.

     “My faith in God got me down a tough road during this campaign when we thought we were going to lose. Thank you. Someone must have been listening,” Again the crowd started cheering.

        “I want to thank the leader of our campaign team, Prudence Romaine. She won’t come up here tonight, but without her, I would not be standing here myself. For the past year, she worked, went to law school and spent the rest of her time getting me elected. This is her first campaign, and she did a remarkable job everyone, give her a round of applause. She is out there somewhere. Prudence, where are you?”

     I blushed as he said my name. I waved and tried to look away as the crowd clapped for me.

     “Prudence, Prudence,” some of the campaign workers chanted and turned around and smiled. That was his night, and he needed the recognition, not me. They could not have elected a better man than Alex Conrad. He acknowledged them for trusting in him, and he promised he would fight for them as hard as he could. In my heart, I know he would do what he promised. He had a soft warm heart, and he fought for what he believed in. He was elected to the senate by the state of Virginia at forty years old by a landslide. Alex was the new, energetic, young senator everyone seemed to love, including me.

     He looked amazing, but he always did. He was wearing a black Gucci suit with a blue tie and not a hair out of place. He was standing in front of a backdrop of American flags and the flags of the state of Virginia. I looked up and noticed balloons being held by a giant net on the ceiling. Pretty soon we would be standing in a sea of blue when the net is released. He caught my eye from a distance, I waved at him as he pointed at me and smiled. I felt my face flush again, and I felt myself get wet. It was not the first time he had that effect on me, and it certainly will not be the last. As they played his campaign song, he walked out into the mass of people. They congratulated him with high fives and pats on the back. I noticed the women liked to get kissed on the cheek from him.

As the balloons came down, I heard popping around me as the crowd went wild. Alex made his way over to me, after about twenty minutes. I was standing underneath a campaign sign that said it all, “Alex Conrad, The Man Who Can Get it Done”.  I am sure he can, and I was intent on finding out.

    “Prudence, would you have the first dance with the new senator? I owe it all to my campaign staff and you of course, take the lead,” he said.

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