Now that Breach Point has been out for a bit, I've compiled a bunch of reviews from Amazon, Goodreads, book blogs, and Wattpad reviewers.
     I hope this section doesn't come off as too self-congratulatory. I'm incredibly grateful for anyone who's taken the time to read and review my story, and reading what people have written about it gives me the push I need to keep moving forward with my writing.
     If you've read the story here on Wattpad, please consider taking a few minutes to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. As I work toward the release of the first sequel, Breach Point: Infusion, any additional public feedback about the book will help me reach new readers.
     And of course, word of mouth is the best way to spread the word about anything, so if you've enjoyed the story, please also think about telling a friend or two about Breach Point (a post on Instagram is especially helpful).
     Thank you!
     – Steve

       "I read this book with absolutely no expectations. And to my surprise, it was awesome. I read it in a day.
      Alongside being a supernatural thriller, it also has a 'summer' factor and that is the exact thing that drew me in.
      The female protagonist, Clara has got 'girl problems' in spite of being fearless. It is the absolute correct mixture and that is why it is also relatable.
      It is not everyday that a male writer strikes a chord so well with a female main character.
      The icing on the cake is the book's physical appearance. It is so large and heavy. Exactly like a hardcover.
      At the end of the book,there are some pictures, notes and stuff that make the experience more worthwhile.
      Read this if you love thrillers or if you are a fan of Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys.
      Now, all I've got to do is wait for the next book in the series to come out."
      – Sumaiya Mubeen

      "Breach Point opened a window to the time when my penchant for mysteries, spooky islands, and supernatural stuff was at its apogee. It surrounded me with the aura of the good old days - being reunited with your childhood friend who left the neighborhood, but you only realize that you missed her when you see her again. Oh nostalgia!
      The feel of this book is super awesome. Its like Scooby Doo for the young adult audience. I read it very slowly, savoring every detail, every sentence. I didn't want to leave the world of Breach Point. Steve's writing was that hypnotic. Hats off.
      What kept me on my toes - every time Clara came close to discovering Breach Point's true history, something always came up and stopped her, not allowing her to move forward. Every single time that happened I got a bit mad. Answers! I needed answers! The conclusion was very satisfying.
      I highly recommend this book to every YA reader. The eccentricity of Breach Point's world will not disappoint you. This could be a perfect standalone novel, but the bonus content of the book said it's part of a trilogy. More Breach Point? Count me in."
      – Tuba Sayed

     "Breach Point reminded me of how much I love the supernatural genre. From the first chapter, I connected with the protagonist, Clara. I very much enjoyed her throughout the novel, and felt she carried the story well. As well as Clara, Nicholas made the novel come to life.
     With realistic characteristics and traits, the two characters seemed to jump off the page. The book was well written and full of great descriptive imagery. I was able to visualize almost every scene, and never felt 'lost' in the imagery.
     Hats off to Spatucci for the mysterious atmosphere and tone sustained throughout the entire novel. You aren't sure who to believe or trust, and the plot twists actually catch you off guard. If you love mysteries or supernatural books, go pick this one up!"
     – Sam Reads Too Much

      "This book surprised me. I highly enjoyed it! Spatucci made an interesting choice in making his protagonist a girl. Most authors stick to what they know when it comes to their protagonist's gender but it was refreshing to see Spatucci successfully write a female's point of view.
     While I enjoy mystery and quirky character flaws in books, I always love detailed descriptions. Whether it be a cracked sidewalk or a young girl's love of funnel cake, Spatucci created a vivid world I couldn't help but love.
     At the back of the book is a ton of bonus content. I enjoyed seeing how Spatucci came up with the idea for Breach Point. As readers, we could have been given a little more information on Eric, but at least there will be a sequel..."
     – Jordan's Jewels

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