Welcome home...

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Mika's POV
Me and yuu are now on our way to the house.Yuu kept looking the opposite way everytime I look at him.I bet he's still embarrassed about last night.

We got home and I unlock the door.We were then greeted by a cheerful yoichi.
'Welcome home,you too!' Yoichi said while hugging me and yuu.

'Yoichi,we weren't here only for one night.You don't have to be like this...' Yuu said and yoichi pulled away.'But I miss you guys.Even if it is just one night...' Yoichi said with a pout.

Shinya smiled and greeted us.Guren and kimizuki only stayed where they were.I didn't really mind tho but those two have to learn some manners...

We then sat in the couch and talk like we always do.It was nice.Even though krul was back,nothing will stop us from being happy.

Everything was great.And I hope it will stay like that...till the end.

The end.Shitty ending,I know...
I had zero idea,I just wanted to do a shizaya fanfic and I couldn't wait.

Until then guys!

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