You're a model

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The boys had a photo shoot at the same studio as you. They were invited to come to the studio early to hang out, at the same time that you were doing a photo shoot. You noticed 5 boys walk past the glass door, glancing at you. About a minute later, the curly haired boy went back to the door, watching you take pictures. The photographer kept yelling at you to keep focused, but you couldn’t help but look at him. He snuck in, and you saw him asking people about you. The photographer decided to take a break, as you couldn’t keep your eyes on the camera. He walked up to you and handed you his number.

“I’m Harry, would you like to go out sometime?” He winked.


You and Niall were strolling around the mall on a Saturday afternoon, browsing through racks. You left the store you were currently in, and walked past Victoria's Secret. You didn't look in, but apparently Niall did. He saw a group of teenage boys ogling at the poster of you and Miranda Kerr in the Christmas Line of bras. Niall walked up to them, with you attached to his arm.

"Yo, boys. That's mine and I'd appreciate it if you didn't stare at my girlfriend like she's a piece of meat." He said loudly. The boys turned around and gawked at the sight of you, some of them blushing lightly.

"Sorry man. Didn't mean to offend you." One of the taller boys stated. Niall nodded curtly and lead you out of the store, kissing you hungrily on the neck.

"Mine." He growled.


You were a struggling model in the UK, and you had applied for countless jobs. Of course, you had received a few catalogue jobs, but no major contracts. One night as you were getting ready for bed, Louis piped up from the bedroom.

"Babe, I don't mean to be weird or anything, but I think you could model for like, Victoria's Secret. You definitely have the body for it..." You stuck your head around the corner into the bedroom and smirked at Louis.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you, Tomlinson?" He smiled back. Just one month later, you were an official Victoria's Secret Angel, and Louis couldn't be more proud.


You were chosen to be a model for a new line of lingerie. You arrived to the studio to take some pictures, and invited your boyfriend Liam along. On your break, you couldn’t help but notice that Liam was incredibly quiet.

“Babe, what's wrong?” You asked. He shrugged.

“You’re just too beautiful, it scares me. I just wish other guys wouldn’t look at these, you’re my girlfriend, and all mine.” He smiled.

“I’m selfish, I just want you all to myself. But you look amazing, you’re so incredible.”


You were flown to the Victoria's Secret HQ Store in San Francisco for the revealing of the new promotional images. Zayn had some time off from touring, and you wanted him to come with you. Once you arrived, you and Zayn both noticed how many people were crowding around, waiting for the big reveal. When the curtain dropped, and the images of your barely-covered body were revealed, everyone cheered. Zayn kissed you lightly on the cheek as you blushed.

"That's my baby up there." Zayn said proudly.

"But I'd rather be the only one to see that." He jokingly smirked, and you cupped his face, pulling him towards you.



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