I ran as fast as my legs could take me. My lungs burned from the sudden need for air. I carefully ran so I wouldn't trip and meet my fate.

I looked behind me to see that the man as still after me. I quickly looked forward to see that I had almost ran into traffic. Immediately panicking, I ran towards an ally in hopes that he would pass me.

I was suddenly pushed to a wall by the man who was chasing me. How could have he caught up to me that fast? I took a look at his dimly glowing eyes of pure blood. I yelped as he pinned my arms against the wall.

"You're coming with me, either the easy way," he said while looking into my eyes as if I was his next dinner.

"Or the hard way." He tightened his grip and showed his inhuman teeth. Two of his teeth were razor sharp and pointy. Nobody could have mistaken what kind of creature he was.

It blew me away. Vampires don't exist?
I thought again, maybe I was wrong because clearly they do.

I went along with the man, knowing that I would probably die if I didn't. He quickly took me to a place in an inhumain speed and set me on a couch, confusing me. Wasn't he supposed to be locking me in some kind of chamber?

"Um.." I said, taking a look at my surroundings. He had his back facing me while he was getting something from the fridge.

"What?" He chuckle darkly. "Not what you were expecting?"

"I guess not.." I spoke slowly. The house was very fancy, so he must have a lot of money. Probably from ransoms.

The man turned around, giving me a chance to look at his features. He had dark brown curls that were swept to the side, his eyes were now a bright green that almost made me believe he was harmless, and he was tall, maybe 5'8?

"Harry." He said looking over me again. "Harry Styles." He introduced himself.


"Claire, I know." He muttered. "I didn't just kidnap a random stranger." He rolled his eyes at the thought. This wasn't a typical kidnapping, it was almost nice. I mean Harry was pretty good looking, I wouldn't mind him holding me hostage. Talk about Stockholm syndrome already and it's been 20 minutes.

I mentally smacked myself. There was obviously something wrong with the man mentally. Maybe even myself for even thinking that.

"So, is there an explai-"

"Look, I have a reason for everything I do." He paused for a moment. "I kidnapped you because we are meant to be together. " He sighed. Meant to be together? What was he, some kind of lunatic? I've read books and watched movies about this shit, it never ends well.

"So like soulmates." I said sarcastically, happy that he didn't interrupt me again.

"Exactly like soulmates." He smiled darkly.

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