22 Twin Obsessions

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Chapter 22:

Jesse flashed Devlish a smile of thanks as he held the door of their apartment open for her to enter, her hands tightly clenched round the straps of her hand bag to prevent herself from burying her fingers in his hair and kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Or from pulling Nauti, who had one of his hands on the small of her back, closer to her so that she could rub herself all over him like a cat in heat.

Her thighs quivered in excitement at the thought of having Devlish's lips on hers, his tongue battling hers as they fought each others passion while Nauti slowly caressed her body.

With a silent groan, Jesse made a beeline for her bedroom and closed the door so that she could slump her back against it. Her breaths leaving her body in short, heavy puffs as she tried to fight the need that has been twisting her body and mind in knots for the last few days.

"Damn you, Nauti." She whispered up at the roof.

All week he had been toying with her. At work as well as at home. Stroking her passions until she felt as if she was going to break, to surrender to what he made her feel, only to have him back off so abruptly that it had her head spinning.

Leaving her craving another of his expert touches.

His torture would begin first thing in the morning when he came in to painstakingly choose her outfit for the day, whether she was staying at home, going to work or just meeting up with Sasha and Lou. She had argued with him the first two days he had done so but soon gave up when nothing she could say or do would stop him.

He would then sit on her bed and watch her change with that intent look in his eyes that had her blushing ALL over and instantly creaming.

Sometimes he would even walk around her as she changed, caressing her body with his eyes or whispering words of praise against her body. Without ever once touching her, only standing close enough for her to feel the heat from his body, which always seemed to wrap itself around her almost lovingly. He also always left the door wide open so that Devlish, who she caught staring from the doorway of his bedroom, could watch what they were doing. His eyes burning bright as he watched her every movement and saw her body's reaction to what Nauti did to her.

Then in the car, as they drove to work, he would rest his hand on her shoulder from behind and every now and then he would let it drift down to almost cup her heavy breast before moving it back up again. Over and over he would do this until she was ready to scream but by that time they would already be parking and the torture would be over.

He would resume throughout the day again when he came to her for help or with a question about the smallest of things. Using whatever excuse there was to touch her, lingering when he felt goose bumps erupt over her skin or heard her breath catch in her throat.

It has been like that for the last week, since after the day that his friends had walked on them 'getting busy' as Lou had so delicately put it, and now she was finally at her wits end, her body feeling as if it was going to spontaneously combust at any minute from sexual frustration. 

It also didn't help that she had very . . . dirty thoughts every time they did something, no matter what it was.

There had been a few instances in the last two days that she actually had to catch herself from chasing after one of them so that she could wrestle him to ground to have her wicked way with him. To take what her body was so aching for.

One of their dicks inside of her.

She had even tried to bring herself to release but that didn't seem to be helping her anymore. She needed something more than her fingers for this particular ache she was feeling.

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