#16 You get your wisdom teeth pulled and he take care of you

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Zayn(24) ; you were pregnant with twins , and your wisdom teeth were killing you the whole pregnancy. After 2 months when you gave birth to your two beautiful kids you decided that you are gonna remove them so you left your kids with your husband, zayn said that he will take care of you until you can take care of yourself and the kids, after you got them removed zayn was by your side " you okay ? You need anything ?" "Yeah , but I hurt a little bit and I have a headache " " here take these " he handed you pills " these are gonna help you with headache " "thank you zayn " " anything for you " .

Niall (18) ; *your pov * I have an extravagant fear of dentist, anyway I have always feared wisdom teeth removal and my worst fear is coming true, after I removed them niall was at my side and helping me " arghhhhhh " " what's wrong? You need something ?" " I want to cuddle with you " he laughed " you just want to cuddle ?" You nodded " your cuddle is the best medicine , now don't make me talk to much because I can't " " okay okay come here little sister " he teased you but didn't hear you answer so he looked at you to see that you're already fell asleep .

Harry (18) ; you were getting your wisdom teeth removed today you went with your mom at the dentist because you won't be able to drive back home and it's good to know that someone by your side , after you guys went home harry came back from work and asked you " so how it was ? Did It hurt you ?" " it was good it didn't hurt me I got the gas and it was absolutely painless. ... and a TRIP !! " " you're crazy ! What do you mean by a trip ?" "I remember I started hallucinating , hearing Taylor lautner's voice talking to me inside my head , I was paying so much attention to that , that the tooth extraction was done and I didn't even realize it " he laughed at what you said " well that's good to hear that you're in no pain " you hugged him then spend some time together .

Liam (23) ; you just removed you wisdom teeth and you were in pain , you are a smoker so you decided to smoke one cigarette , one cigarette won't do anything you thought , " hey ! What are doing " he said as he took the cigarette from your hand " hey I was using this " " no you won't you know it's bad and it's even worst now but if you wanted to make the pain worse you can take it back " " ah you're right but it really hurt " " okay how about you go and lie on the couch and I will bring you some pills and water " you smiled at him " thank you liam " he smiled at you " no problem " .

Louis (20) ;*your pov* I am getting my wisdom teeth removed and I was concerned about it, that I wanted to cancel the appointment with every passing day , so I figured I should talk to someone about it and that person will be louis so I knocked on his bedroom door " yeah babe you need anything ? " " I just don't want to remove my wisdom teeth cause they are going to hurt me really bad" "awhh no don't worry how about if I went with you tomorrow ?" " yeah that will be great " *next day after removing your wisdom teeth* I was sitting watching TV with louis " you need anything babe ?" "No thank you louis you did enough with me " " that's why I am a big brother, now say that I am the best brother in the world or I will be mad " you laughed " okay you're the best brother in the world " " I know that " he said with a silly smile .

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