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     Exhaling slowly, I shut my eyes briefly, making sure I was stable, before cupping my hands around my mouth and saying really fast, “IloveZaneandIwanttohavehisbabies.”  

     “Maya, my cat’s louder than you,” he replied in a deadpan tone.

      “Zane, you don’t have a cat…” I trailed off slightly confusedly.

      “My point exactly...”

Great, his imaginary cat was louder than me; just lovely.

“Louder and slower, I want every word to be heard clearly,” he ordered. “Or…” he threatened, lowering a hand that was holding me in place and pointing to the sea.

      “I LOVE ZANE AND I WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES!” I bellowed loudly, making sure to enunciate every word as slowly and clearly as I could. The whole beach silenced for a moment before random murmurs started up. I felt my cheeks heat up and Zane burst into a laughing fit as he helped me down carefully. I scowled at him, people were giving me strange looks and I could just imagine the sort of rumours that may be being started. 

     He extending his arms forward and placed his palms on my shoulders. He held me out at shoulders length and shook me roughly to make sure ‘the speech’ he was about to deliver sunk into my head. His infamous smirk appeared across his face but it was only visible to me. “Maya,” he started dramatically. His voice rose intentionally so that our conversation was now made very public. “I know you love me but babe, you have to control yourself!” he carried on deviously. My mouth hung ajar, what the hell?!

      “Zane -”

      He cut me off, pressing his finger against my lips. “You need to look after yourself,” he continued, his eyes trailing down to my abdominal area before pressing his hand against my stomach. “And your little one,” he finished, a slightly vicious and victorious grin blossoming on his face.

      I grabbed his hand, throwing it off my stomach. He’d taken that too far; there were people from our school here! Rumours would spread like wildfire! I wasn’t even in a relationship let alone being pregnant! “You jerk!” I darted at him, I was speechless, how could he! “You just embarrassed me in front of all these people!” I hissed before spinning around on my heels and storming back to the spot we left my belongings. I grabbed them angrily and started making my way home.

      “Maya! I was kidding,” he declared in between eruptions of laughter. “Sorry.” His voice was gentle and soft and I was so tempted to pull him into a hug and never let him go but I resisted the temptation. I couldn’t just give into him like that, he hurt me. He threw his hands up in surrender. I continued walking away from him but before I could get very far, I felt his warm muscular arms snake around me. He held me tight with my back against his defined chest and I let him embrace me for a little while before elbowing him backwards. I clutched my bag tightly to me and continued walking home.

      Zane and I were neighbours; we both lived in what may be called mansions in a wealthy area and the friendship between our parents’s played a huge role in our friendship. I had somehow forgotten this in my mission to storm away from him angrily, we had to walk home the same way and that meant he would be walking with me. I couldn’t avoid him by walking toward OUR homes. 

     “Maya!” he groaned. “You can’t seriously be pissed at me, at Zane Collins!” he chirped, running up to me and easily keeping up with my angry strides. This was another one of Zane’s habits, he talked about himself in third person because he thought it made him sound, and I quote “superior.”

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