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He walks in the fast food branch looking tired and dejected. Another audition for a part he didn't get. Another day where he had to worry about whether his family would have enough money to buy food the next day.

20-year old Rj Faulkerson had what it takes to be a star and his mother saw that, which is why she had regularly told him that show business was something he should pursue. Rj, however, dreamed of becoming a pilot. The cost of fulfilling that dream was something his family could not afford so, he instead went to pursue a business course.

That was until his mother fell ill and passed during his first year in college. Due to financial issues, he decided to work and pursue his mother's dreams for him.

Days like these, however, he just wanted to give up.

Other than a few commercials and a few appearances, he hasn't gotten a big break. Networks have not hired him. As much as he's had success in pageants, he did not want to keep doing them for the long run.

For now, he had to eat. He was starving and it was almost midnight. Thankfully, this branch was open 24 hours and there were only a few people in the store at that moment. He could stay here while he waited for his handler to pick him up, because his money was not enough for his fare for the commute home.

"Good evening, Sir. Welcome! What are you having?"

He looks up at the server behind the counter. She had big, beautiful brown eyes, full lips, a small friendly face, and a big smile he couldn't help but return. He looked at her name tag: Maine.

"Hi, Maine. I'll have the cheeseburger, large fries, large softdrink... And extra order pala of chicken nuggets."

She smiled and punched in his order. "Okay, Sir, that would be two hundred and fifteen pesos, po."

"Uh, sorry, how much?"

"Two hundred and fifteen po."

He looked at his wallet and saw two one-hundred peso bills that he had to save until Saturday. He looked at her sheepishly. "Ummm sorry, pero pwede yung cheeseburger nalang? Pa-cancel nalang nung iba."

"No problem." She smiled warmly.

Once he paid and got his change, she started setting up his tray. She placed the cheeseburger, large fries, large drink and chicken nuggets.

"Enjoy your meal, Sir."

"Umm, Miss. Sorry, pero yung cheeseburger lang dapat."

"Yan po yung complete order niyo, Sir."

"I can't take this."

"Anong oras ka huling kumain?"

He looked dumbfounded. "Lunch."

"Namumutla ka na nga eh. Sige na."

After such a long day, he was so happy that someone extended him kindness. "Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me."

"Uy drama! Gutom lang yan. Sige na. Go eat."

Rj headed over one of the corner tables and prayed quickly then peeled off the wrapper of his burger and took a big bite. He closed his eyes to savor it. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to see Maine standing over him, her eyes amused at him.

"Water. Here. Masama kung softdrinks agad eh walang laman yung tiyan mo."

He said thanks and took it. "Uy, kumain ka na ba? You want to join me?"

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