Chapter One Hundred Fifty

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"Well, it's official Iggy," Anora said one morning as she stood before the mirror in the bathroom of the home. "I have really let myself go."

Iggy glanced up at his own and her abnormally large belly before meowing.

"I can't even see my toes anymore." she sighed before attempting to look down. She patted her belly. "Oh well."

With the final weeks counting down to when she was due, Anora found herself with less energy, sore feet and ankles, and just hoping that she could give birth soon so she could return to her normal self. Charlie on the other hand, was obviously thrilled about the soon arrival  and becoming a parent. However, with his excitement also came the panic, as he seemed to worry about every little thing that Anora did by herself. She was unable to even stand out of bed without him near her, in fear that she would trip and fall or something along the lines.

Between him and Molly, they were both pushing for the idea of Anora returning home until she gave birth which irritated Anora greatly but in order to get the two of them off her back, she agreed. Although, she made it quite clear that she was not happy about it. She tried to enjoy her time in the sanctuary, but with the lack of energy and the pain, she wasn't able to do much.

Laying down in the bed, Anora placed her hands on her stomach.

"Get out of me." she said. "Please? I promise you, it's pretty nice out here. There's sun and ...dragons. That sounds pretty good now, doesn't it? I think you know...whenever you're ready...but the sooner the better."

Iggy hopped onto the bed and crawled up onto her stomach and resting over her.

"Really? Really, Iggy? As if I don't have enough going on right there? That's where you decide to have a nap? Oh no don't worry, it's not there's all this bed right you stay right where you are. Your highness."

Iggy opened one eye and looked at her.

"Yeah, I'm talking to your old man."

He began purring.

"Don't you start Iggy, you're going to make me...sleepy." she yawned. "Stop."

Iggy's purring grew louder but he remained in place. He waited until Anora was asleep until he fell back asleep himself.

Charlie was out in the field taking down an egg count with the majority of the females away from their nests to feed. 

"I'm surprised to find you out here working." He heard before turning around to see Magnus. "Normally, these days I can only find you around Anora." The man said.

Charlie grinned. "Well, over these last few days I've been driving her absolutely mad. We finally convinced her to head back to stay at the Burrow."

"Yeah, I definitely didn't see her agreeing to that willingly."

"I know she wants to stay out here, but..I just want to make sure she's safe along-"

"Along with your little one. It's understandable, Charlie. You and Anora are about to be first time parents. "

"I was the same way when I had my son."

Charlie stopped and turned to the man with a bizarre look. "Excuse have a son?" 

Magnus had never mentioned anything about having children, Charlie had heard numerous things about his wives, but never anything about children.

"Yes I do." Magnus said. "At least, I consider him to be my son, but he doesn't consider me his father. I have his mother to thank for that. For the first few years of his life, I was his father, but as his mother and I had our falling out, our relationship suffered as well.  But when he was born, oh goodness, the stories I could tell you Charlie, I was a nervous wreck all the time. Every cry, sneeze, cough, I was ready to bring him in to the nearest Healer.It's a scary time, because you become responsible for a small life. That little person is dependent on you in all ways."

Charlie pressed his lips together before frowning. "I had no idea, Magnus-"

"But I have faith in you and Anora, you two will be wonderful parents."

"Thank you, Magnus, I-"

Charlie stopped as a owl swooped down and dropped a letter to him. He quickly picked it up and saw his mother's handwriting.

Opening it, Charlie briefly skimmed over it before his face paled and it fell from his hands in pure shock.

Anora awoke to the sound of the front door opening and closing loudly. Iggy's ears flickered in annoyance, especially as Anora forced herself to sit up. Suddenly, Charlie came bursting into the bedroom with a distraught look on his face.

"Charlie? Charlie, what's wrong? Why do you...why do you look like that?"

He walked over and sat down on the bed before her placing his head into his hands, shaking all over.

"Charlie? You''re scaring me..what's wrong?"

Charlie lifted his head up and looked to her, his eyes watery.

"Charlie please-"

"Dumbledore is dead."

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