19 -The End

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I haven't updated in like half a year, you can find me and kill me if you want XD I deserve it D:

After getting married we decided not to go on a honey moon, with a new baby in my arms there is definitely no time to have a vacation. As a mother it is my responsibility to take care of her.


That's the name we decided to name her, a meaning of rich and god beholds. My husband also told me that his favorite Shakespeare play was 'The Merchant of Venice'. The daughter in that play was named Jessica. I decided I did not want a child with a name that made her stand out. I know her having her father looks will make her look as beautiful as ever.

She moved in my arms as I fed her a bottle of warm milk and I smiled down gently running my hand on her head.

"I see you guys are having lunch?" Chris said as he peaked into the bedroom.

"We are, she is trying to hold a bottle now." I said smiling down at her.

"Guess she is just like her mother." Christopher quietly walked over to me and bent down looking at Jessica smiling at her. He had just came back from work early because we are having some friends over for dinner and I obviously need help.

"Do you know what we are going to cook for tonight?" I asked looking at him.

He moved his eyes towards mine, "Maybe some chili soup? It is really good when you make it"

I smiled at him, "Sure, I have not made it in a while and I do miss it."

Looking at my life at this moment I was happy and there was not anything that can ruin my life. The gang has been dealt with and they are all in jail now, and I have my little precious goof ball in my arms. Even after my parents passing I know my mother is looking down at me, all she ever wanted is for me to be happy. Christopher is the one who made it happen, without him I would probably be sitting in my apartment thinking about how I will live with cats for the rest of my life.

I do not know if me in Christopher would be together forever, it is not something I want to think about. But if something were to happen, I know that at this moment I do not regret anything that I been through with him. He makes me happy like no one else ever did, and he is the only person in this world that makes me believe in love.

The end.


5/13/2016 10:47pm

Since I havent updated in like 6 months you guys probably either gave up on this story or looking for a gun. I am sorry, writing stories is not one of my passions. This is something I do for fun, or used to do when I was in high school. Me being in college now I am more interested in other things that has nothing to do with English language and I hope you all understand that.

I dont know when I will write another story, even though its summer time now. As I say in all of my end notes, I will make no promises. I am recently active on tumbr so if you guys want to chat feel free to message me on there or here. I only get on wattpad to read stories ;) before going to bed.

Thanks for reading ladies/gents/trans/cats/dogs. :D

I will see you all in the comment/reading world o/ (wave)

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