A Team

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"YOUR GOING DOWN!" Pete yelled out, shooting Patrick in the back for the 15th time.

"Ugh I give up!" Patrick declared, collapsing face first on to Petes bed, forgetting his glasses and fedora were still on. "Aww is 'Trick mad he can't shoot me!" "Trick?" Patrick questioned as he straightened out his glasses. "Yeah! You need a nickname Pattycakes." Pete smiled widely. Ever since they had started playing video games, they had slowly loosened up to each other once more, laughing about stupid things, forgetting about the bad things and having fun.

  "Please do not call me Pattycakes." Patrick whined, trying to sound serious but failing. "Okay I'll stop." Pete smirked. "Pattycakes." 
Patrick turned around instantly, pinning Pete to the bed. "Stop or I'll.... I'll start calling you...Peteza!" Patrick insisted, attempting to sound threatening but utterly failing.

"Sounds kinky." A voice behind the two called, making Patrick fall on top of Pete. "Holy smokes Brendon! You scared me!" Patrick exclaimed, getting off the boy.
"Do you hear this guy? Holy smokes? That's adorable! You definitely found a keeper." Said a boy next to Brendon with bright red hair. "Hey Gee, Bren what's up?" Pete smiled, wrapping an arm around Patrick. He felt like he could melt right now in Pete's touch. It was the weirdest things that this boy could do to him.

  "Party remember? I'm so close to getting Ryan and I have a master plan in place. I already called Joe and Andy, all I need is you to back me up for that song I wrote." Brendon spoke, getting more and more excited with every word. "Which song?" At this point Patrick was fairly confused with what they were talking about, looking at Pete to explain.

   "Me and my friends Joe and Andy have a band called Fall Out Boy but we're missing a singer."
   "And I fill in sometimes. I was thinking of singing Northern Downpour yeah?"  Brendon added on. "Eh, romantic enough. Yeah, I'll bring my bass over." Pete agreed. "Great! Let's go!" Brendon said, turning off the tv. "We're going now?"
"My mom's making pizza and there's no way in hell I'm missing home made pizza."

Pete started throwing on his shoes but Patrick didn't know what to do.
Was he invited? He looked at Brendon awkwardly, seeing him slowly catch on. "Come on fedora boy. We wouldn't leave you behind, your our friend." Brendon grinned, motioning for him to come along. "Yeah, let's go trick!" Pete added in.
  Neither Brendon or Pete really understood what that meant to Patrick but it was so much. These were the first people who welcomed him since Phil and he was ever so thankful.


"What's up blitches!" Brendon yelled out, holding a pack of beer and Petes amp.
They had all gone to Brendon's house earlier, his mom being incredibly kind to Patrick. Of course, he felt bad when he didn't eat her pizza, claiming he wasn't hungry but was trying to reduce the calories. Patrick knew he shouldn't starve himself but he promised to quit when he was his goal weight.

  As they walked into the house, Gerard, the red haired boy, attached himself to the boy Brendon was in the supermarket with earlier that day. In the main room, he was introduced to everyone.
Joe, Andy, Ryan, Spencer, Dallon, Tyler, josh, Ray and Mikey once more. He was amazed someone could have so many friends and know them all so well.

Usually Patrick was nervous to meet so many new people but they were kind and he had Pete by his side, boosting his confidence.
  "So then I walked into the room and Brendon's lying there fucking naked!" Dallon exclaimed. "Probably waiting for Ryan to fuck him." Frank laughed. "Shut up!" Brendon yelled, covering his blush while Ryan laughed softly.

    "MIKEY FUCKING WAY IM GONNA END YOU!" Joe yelled at the tv screen, attempting to shoot him in halo but dying himself.
"ATTENTION!" Brendon Urie yelled through a mic they had set up when they arrived. "I have a very special
Song to sing for a very special person tonight. This goes out to you Ryan!" Then the tick of drumsticks were heard as Andy kicked off the song.
  To put it simply, they all were amazing. Brendon had a perfect voice, Andy was right on time and Joe and Pete blended together perfectly. At the end, Ryan literally ran into Brendon's arms, kissing him passionately, making the whole room Aww. Pete smirked up at Patrick as he threw the bass behind his back, walking over to him.
"That was amazing." He smiled shyly, hugging him tightly. "Thanks 'Trick." Pete replied, making another round of Aww's spread around the room.

After that, for the next few hours, things continued in this fashion. People were telling embarrassing stories, beers being passed around and Mikey was effectively beating everyone at video games.
  In all honesty, it was probably the most fun and social thing Patrick had done in forever and he was happy to talk to someone else besides Pete and his bedroom walls.

"C'mon Patrick, let's go get some more snacks." Josh grinned, walking with him to the kitchen. "So are you and Pete a thing?" He asked, grabbing the nearby bag of chips. "Uh...No just friends I guess?" He blushed. Looking around, noticing the time on the clock. 9:45 pm.

  Patrick almost gasped, running out to the living room where the others sat playing truth or dare. He was tempted to run out the door but realized he had no idea where his house was from here and he knew it had to have been relatively far.
"Pete I need to talk to you." Patrick whispered quietly, The boy getting up instantly and following Patrick outside. "What's up?" Pete smiled, not quite buzzed from the two drinks he had consumed. "I really need to go home right now."

  If it had been anyone else who had said this, Pete would have shrugged it off, saying to wait another thirty minutes or that he wanted to say goodbye to his other friends but this was Patrick. The boy who was looking up at Pete with wide eyes and fear making his hands shake. "No problem Trick. It will be okay." He said, hugging him quickly before hoping into his car. 
   Pete took off without any questions, driving to Patrick's neighborhood and letting him lead the rest of the way. When they had made it, Pete pulled up to a worn down two story house with chipped blue paint and dying flowers, no where near homey looking. "Bye Patrick. Call me if you need anything and come over whenever, just make sure I answer the door." Pete said, hugging the boy one last time before he got out, walking into the dimly lit house.


As soon as Patrick had closed the door, his Dad had appeared, looking rather angry. "Where have you been fatass?" He hissed, shoving Patrick to the ground. "Uh, a friend's house." He said, looking up at his father. "You don't have friends! And next time you leave, tell me first you little shit!" He yelled. The kicks and the punches came as always but the sting wasn't as bad as usual.

When all the pain was over, instead of cutting as per usual, he went to bed. He had something now. Something that took away the pain like a happy pill. He had Pete now and he was a little closer to being okay.

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