Chapter 28: The...Last Promise (M)

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(This track is very special to this chapter. Play the following track The Promise - Serah's theme mix. Please read along this song...and you'll get the full impact. Just type in the name on youtube to find it)

As everyone looked in wonder, Kieran suddenly emerged from the flames. Everyone wondered how he suddenly appeared before them but he simply told them to continue their he didn't have long. Everyone pondered his words but the girls continued their bio-infusions, as Kieran stood ready

It was Aries turn performing the Bio-infusion on Saku's tired body while Kieran stood before Alice his body dimly glowing orange as he stood ready "Well...teacher, shall we begin? I'd let to get going, this is only a temporary visit after all"

"is that so?" said Alice both curious yet uninterested " about I cut this fight short" Alice shot a rainbow beam at Kieran, but it went past his shoulder aiming at Saku "This will end it" to Alice's surprise a wall of fire rose up, somehow blocking the beam "What!?"

Kieran snickered "sorry leader" said Kieran wagging his finger "That flame is a little different, well that is from my normal ones. The only way you're getting through if I collapse or time runs out" Alice flexed her hands

"Okay then, let's fight" with that Kieran began launching beams of fire, Alice wafting them away with her arms. Alice shot a beam at Kieran but he was unnaturally fast and able to dodge

"This is it?" said Kieran mocking "I'm a bit disappointed" Alice was curious

"How was Kieran able to dodge this quickly? And what does he mean by a time limit? Well won't last long either way"

Back at the other side of the flame wall, Aries had finished her bio-infusion. As she came away she too looked exhausted "there you go. That's all from me..." Saku was stirring "are you okay?"

"It feels like a mild fire covering the body" said Saku "It's not unpleasant but you can't keep still. Almost like an itch you have to scratch" as Saku then kicked out his legs he felt odd "something feels...tingly with my feet" Aries looked at his feet

"here...have a look" Aries propped up Saku to which he saw a faint red light covering his feet and shins "it looks like our plan is working. Just relax" Saku took a breath out and the red light subsided "there you go"

Aries laid Saku back down and stood up, a little shaky "I think it's time I helped you for once. Just keep calm and channel the power" Saku nodded "Alright next" Marina stepped forward "I didn't peg you as the believer"

"Well I'm not" said Marina curtly as Aries walked to the group "I just know for a fact this has a very low chance of failing" Marina then smirked and knelt down to Saku "and you'll have an even lower percentage of failing with my power assisting you"

"I have...always wanted to have a go at controlling water" said Saku as Marina channelled her dark blue aura.

Alice was still fighting Kieran but wasn't making progress. Alice was easily avoiding or waft away the flames Kieran tried to hit her. However strangely whenever Alice shot a beam or blast at Kieran, or even just tried to strike him, Kieran would strangely dodge and evade. Alice was watching Kieran carefully. "Something feels odd about this fight. It...doesn't feel...real" Alice said to herself as Kieran smirked

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