Chapter 25

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Your POV

"Sweet dreams." Naeun said her last word and went to dreamland.

I guess I can't sleep.. I went out of our tent and take a little walk and found a lake. A beautiful clear lake that reflect the moon and the starts.

"Yeppeoda.." I whispered. I sit on a big rock facing the lake and staring at it. I stay there for about 2 hours long till 1 AM. I get back to the tent and following Naeun to dreamland.

Naeun POV

"..eun-ah.. Naeun-ah.. Ireonnaaa!!" I felt a little water pouring on my face.

"Y-yahh!!" I woke up with my face, hair, and upper clothes being wet.

"Why is it so hard for you to wake up? C'mon! Everyone already woke up and in the cafeteria right now." Youngie pull both of my hand to stand up and go to the cafeteria.

"See.. Everyone is here already." She said.

"That's all!" Jikyung eonni end it with a clap.

"Wha..?" I stand there confused knowing nothing.

"Aisshh.. It's because of you we didn't hear a single thing!" Youngie scold me again.

"Eyy.. Don't be like that. My dreamland don't want me to leave." I said jokingly.

"Aishh.." She leave me without saying anything.

"Youngie-ah~~ Wait for me!" I follow her.

Your POV

"Nari-ah! What did she say?" I ask at least her, the most dependable one.

"Jikyung unnie said that group 1 should prepare themselves to perform and it'll start in 10 minutes. It's not our turn yet."

"Ahh.. Okay then.." I thought it's something important..

"Youngie-ah~~ Let's watch them over there!" Naeun pull me and we sit on the floor like the others.

Jungkook POV

Today is the first day of evaluation. We're just being judges here.. Of course we need to be fair and not choose because it's our trained trainee or because our biased.

"Okay, that's all.. The next one is.. Im Hyunjoo." Jikyung noona called.

He start dancing strongly and sharply. Wow.. This guy can dance to the music perfectly! He might be as good as Hobi hyung! I saw Hobi hyung with a surprised and focusing face.

"Yah kookie-ah.. I think he's the little version of Hobi hyung." Jimin hyung that was at my left whispered me.

"Yeah.. I think he'll be the winner." V hyung butt in.

"Wait.. Who's his mentor?"

"Of course me." Hobi hyung suddenly butt in too. "I know he's good at dancing but I don't know that he's this good "

"Ah.. no wonders.."

He ended the dance perfectly.

"You can dance perfectly and without any mistake." Jikyung noona start to comment again.

"Kamsahamnida." He bow.

"But.. What did you dance for?" She suddenly ask. "Do you know what's missing? You don't have the feeling. You didn't dance with all your heart, you didn't pull out the feeling. You just dance perfectly without a heart. You need to work on that next time, okay?" There she goes with her sharp mouth. "Next!"

We spent few hours and then finally ended the evaluation.

"We'll continue tomorrow! And you guys stay here." Jikyung noona hold us.

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