Untitled (Is This Cuddling?) Part 1

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Would this be considered 'cuddling', WeiZhou wondered, as he felt himself melting at the warmth of JingYu's chest against his back, JingYu's arms wrapping him in a tight embrace. Both of them wearied from the exertion over the last hour, but neither feeling the need to sleep, they rested comfortably against each other, simply enjoying being together. WeiZhou's fingers traveled lightly over the arms that crossed his chest, delighting at the feel as he touched. The muscles underneath were solid and strong, yet the skin that lay over was soft and warm, definition and texture given by gently protruding blood vessels. WeiZhou's fingers edged along one of the more pronounced veins, following its trail to the back of JingYu's hand. WeiZhou tentatively pressed a finger against a juncture of two veins, marveling at the way his finger sunk into JingYu's hand. As he eased his finger up, the vessle underneath followed with a pressure of its own. WeiZhou pressed into JingYu's hand one, two, three, four, five, times.

"What are you doing?" JingYu asked lazily. There was no annoyance, only curiosity in his voice.

"It's amazing. The feel of your veins under your skin. So pliant, yet 'springy'."

"Okay. If you say so."

"No, really. It's kind of a weird feeling the way the vein pops back up."

JingYu took hold of WeiZhou's hand, rubbing his thumb along the back of it.

"My veins aren't as pronounced as yours, so I don't know if it would be the same," WeiZhou pondered aloud.

JingYu let go of his hand. "I know you have some veins that become very pronounced," he breathed huskily, his hand sliding under the blanket along WeiZhou's abdomen.

"You're such a pervert," WeiZhou snapped playfully as he grabbed JingYu's arm through the blanket.

"I prefer the term 'easily aroused'."

WeiZhou dug his fingers into the arm he held. "Oh, really? Easily aroused, you say." He put heavy emphasis on the word 'easily'.

"By you, only by you."

"That's better," WeiZhou said, feigning annoyance.

His fingers loosened on the arm he held as JingYu's tongue glided along the edge of his ear, just as JingYu's hand glided along his stomach. WeiZhou's moan filled the air as JingYu's fingers softly trailed on him, mimicking the way his fingers had trailed on JingYu's hand. As WeiZhou began gasping for air, JingYu's hot breath carrying his voice floated into WeiZhou's ear.

"You're right. Veins are amazing."