Chapter 62

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Omg you guys, Arizona is beautiful 😍😍! The weather is a bit too much but still!! That's why I haven't been updating much 😔. I'll try to update again tonight 😌 .

Gio's pov:
"You're wrong, Jessica isn't around any guys or men besides my family," I say jumping out of my seat, what had gone into this woman today to make her act and say stuff like this.

"So what makes you think it isn't someone in your family?" She asks calmly as if this was the most normal conversation she's ever had.

"Because it's my f-cking family, I know they wouldn't do anything that sick. Especially to my daughter," I say pacing around.

"Most sexual abuses happen by family members or someone the child knows or is close to," she says not budging from her seat.

What the f-ck?

"First off don't sit there so calm as if you didn't just tell me my daughters been getting sexually abused and second off don't act as if you're on Law and Order or as if you know everything. I know no one would dare to hurt Jessica so stop with the damn bullsh-t," I yell.

"Giovanni, you came to me seeking help and this is what I've found, at the end of the day my top priority is Jessica and her well being," she says writing something down.

"Her well being isn't your responsibility, it's mine and her mothers," I say stopping.

"And I shouldn't have bothered coming to you in the first place, Jess is just probably going through something and you want to broadcast my daughter and make money off of her," I say bitterly.

"First of all, don't you dare sit in my hospital-"

"The hospital my father basically paid all for. Cut the crap and give me my daughter back, it was a mistake coming to you in the first place," I say.

The door opens and an excited Jessie walks in with her back towards me and her hands in the air.

"So who else do you like to play with at home," comes an unfamiliar male voice.

"My grandpa," Kat says facing me now.

"Hi daddy," she says jumping into my arms.

"Hi sweetie, who's this?" I ask looking the man up and down, he wasn't in cop uniform but something was off about him definitely.

"Hi, I'm detective Fredrick and I'll be leading the investigation for your daughter," he says shaking my head.


"Can I get a moment alone with Dr. Sharon," I ask pointing towards the door.

He walks out and Jessie follows right behind him.

"Investigation?" I ask turning toward her.

"Sharon you know what kind of work I do and you know if you do cross me or displease me in anyway, there will be repercussions," I say lowly.

"It's the law, you're daughter is being sexually harassed and you of all people are more worried about other things than her someone has to take a step," she says firmly.

"Sharon," I say closing my eyes and hoping she'd vanished into thin air when I opened them next.

"You better find some way to fix this and get this guy out of her or else it's your life and your job that'll be on the line doctor," I say coldly before walking out the door.

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