Sneak In - a Dirty One Shot

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AUTHOR NOTE: this one shot is dedicated to Munashe cause I love her and I promised to dedicate her something ;) sorry it took so much time to update! Thank you for being patient! enjoy the one shot ;)

I'm that kind of a good girl. Always do my homework... straight As in school... Don't do drugs... Don't drink alcohol...

Well that's what my dad thinks.

About school? Yeah I'm doing good. But when I can - I party hard. Living the teenage life.

"Bye dad!" I said as I left the house, long socks on me, a skirt that reach to my knees and a white basic tank top, that covered by a jacket. My hair is in a perfect bun and no make up at all. That's how I mostly tricks my dad. "Goodbye Michelle. Is Jenny picking you up?" He asked. "Yeah, she waits outside" I said. "Have fun in school!" He said. "Thanks" I said and left the house.

Jenny, or Jennifer, is my best friend. She helps me a lot on tricking my dad. I went towards her car. "Hey bitch" she greeted me. "Hello whore" I greeted back. I got in the car and she drove off a few meters till my house is out of sight. We stopped in the gas station that was close to my house and I went in the toilet and changed my clothes. My long skirt changed into a mini skirt, and with them joined the red suspenders to give me a sexy nerdy look. My jacket had gone and my closed shoes changed in to hills. I took my hair out of my bun. I took my make up out and started putting it on, making sure everything looks perfect, especially my lipstick.

I went back to her car. "Looking good bitch" Jenny said. "Yeah yeah now drive whore" I said.

"I saw you wore Bruno's favorite skirt" she said during driving. "This boy got to have some action otherwise he'll get nuts." I chuckled. "At least you'll get some, I'm still stuck" she said. "Why? What about Ryan?" I asked. "I don't know where this is going anymore... I want more than just sex but it seems he likes it that way" she said. "He'll fall for you eventually. The trick is to not give it to him anytime he wants it. Make him crawl back to you" I said. "Yeah that's what's going to happen" she said. "You have the key to his heaven... So keep him locked out" I said.

We arrived to school. Jenny parked her car and we both got out. We saw Bruno and Ryan leaning against the wall. Bruno was smoking his cigarette. We walked towards them and Bruno and I made eye contact. He smirked and then whistled to us as we got closer.

"Good morning my fine lady" he greeted me. He took a sniff from his cigarette. I put my mouth in front of his and he blew the smoke in my mouth. I can't smoke knowing my dad can find out, so that satisfy me. I then kissed him on the lips. I loved him. But if my dad will know of the existence of Bruno - I'm dead. And probably so does he.

"So what you guys doing today? I heard there's a party going down the block in this bar" Bruno said. "Are you down for that?" He asked. Ryan and Jennifer said yes but I stayed silence as they all looked at me. "What? You know I can't! My dad will kill me if he'll know I'm at a party." I said. "Can't you tell him you're at a library?" Jenny said. "In what time? 1am? Libraries aren't open that time you know" I said. "Tell him you and Jenny have work to do so you'll stay at her" Ryan said. "My dad will never let me sleep over someone's when there's school the next day" I said. "Ughh your dad always ruin our outgoing!" Jenny said as Bruno finished his cigarette and threw it on the floor and stepped on it. "Well I'm sorry but he thinks that I'm a good girl" I said as we walked inside to school. "C'mon guys he doesn't even know me." Bruno said. "Yeah if her dad will know you... I guess we'll never see you again." Jenny said. "I guess he wants me to be a forever alone" I said and they laughed. "But you won't" Bruno said and kissed me on the lips.

The bell rang and we all got to class...


I changed my clothes at the gas station to back what I wore before school. I got back to Jenny's car. "Isn't that sicks you to change everyday like that?" Jenny asked. "Cause it sicks me" she said. "I'm doing it for my own good." I said. "The little daddy's nerd" she mocked me. "Shut up whore" I said and we got to my house. "See you tomorrow bitch" she said and drove off.

"I'm home dad!" I said. "How was school?" He asked. "It was fine. You know, the usual." I said. "Great angel" he said. "I'm going to finish my homework" I said. "Thats my girl!" He said proudly. I went to my room and closed the door.

After a few hours that I ate dinner and done most of my homework, my dad knocked on the door and told me he goes to sleep. I told him that I'll finish my homework. He wished me a good night and so do I to him.


The clock showed 23:15 as I done with my homework. I got up from my bed and got in the shower. I got in my room, wrapped in a towel. Suddenly, I heard a small knock on my window. I moved my curtains a bit to see what was it. And when I looked there, I saw Bruno. I opened my window. "what are you doing here Bruno? This is too dangerous" I whispered. "Can I come in?" He whispered. "You can't be here!" I whispered. "It'll be fine" he whispered back and got inside my room through the window. I closed the window after him and pulled over the curtains. He bit his lip as he looked at me and I blushed. I totally forgot I was wearing only a towel.

"You're so hot" he said as he got closer to me. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "I came to see my girl" He said. "You'd see me in school tomorrow!" I said. "But I can't do this at school" he said and started kissing me. I gave in and he kept on kissing me, slipping his tongue in to my mouth. We kissed our way to my bed. I couldn't believe we were gonna do this. In here. When my dad is sleeping close to us. He got on top of me. He opened my towel, reviling my naked body. "You don't need this" he smirked and I bit my lips. He took of his shirt, reviling his beautiful body. Not so fat, but doesn't have many abs, and I helped him with his jeans. When he was completely naked, he put a condom on and covered my mouth.

"You have to be quiet" he whispered and bit his lips. I nodded and he got himself in me. I breathed heavily, trying not to moan. His pace got a faster and I tried my best not to make a sounds. But I was enjoying every minute, every second he pleasured me. He always knew how to do that the best way.

We both had a hard time to hold our moans, but instead we just heaved our breathes. My body got hotter and more sweaty. Sweat beads appeared on his forehead. His hand never left my mouth, and it tightened up around my mouth as he went deeper and faster. A soft moan left my mouth as I was close to my climax. "Oh shit bruno" a quiet whimper left my mouth. "Shhh" he whispered quietly. "You can do it baby, just keep quiet". He whispered to me, straggling to get the words out. My heart was beating so hard, that I felt like in any second it will fly out of my body.

A warm wave rushed through my bones, knowing that I was in my climax. The pleasure was so big and I felt like I'm on a cloud 9. He pulled away and laid next to me. I laid my head on his chest and I could feel his heart beat fast, just as much as my heart was beating.

I kissed him and he kissed me back. He then got up from the bed and started putting his clothes back on. "I wish you could stay" I whispered to him. "I want to, it's you that don't let me stay" he said. "If my dad will find out about what had just happened... That'll be the death of me." I said. "I know" he said and packed my lips once again. He looked in my eyes deeply, holding my cheek. His beautiful big browny eyes always got me to a different world. "I got to go now." he said sadly. I nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow." I said. He flashed a smile at me and kissed my forehead. "Goodnight babe" he whispered and went back to my window, sneaking out of it and closing it behind him.

'God... I already miss him' was my last thought before I fell asleep.

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