Chapter nineteen: the cousin of Justice

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She started to Cried harder than she already was. "P-PLEASE DON'T BE MAD AT ME..... IT WAS JUSTICE IDEA TO GET HER COUSIN TO DO THAT!

"Eric Thomas is your cousin, and you told him to kidnap Princeton AGAIN!?"

She stood in a corner scared and still as she should be. "That's right Bitch, don't say shit!" I started to clap her face in but India, Ray, and Prod held me back.

"Why in the hell would you do that? He's the love of my life, oh I'm sorry i forgot yo ass don't know what love is."

"I DO TOO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!".she screamed. "Hello! I fucking love you Roc, and the only reason....."

"Bitch, i don't even wanna hear it no more. Yo ass is done and as of right now this isn't about you. And if you really knew what love was than you would wake up and smell the roses...... I DON'T WANT YOU! If you love someone that much you'd learn how to let them go...."

"But, i don't wanna let you go... You got money!"

Did this Bitch just...... "India, slap a hoe!"

But before they got to work Ray kept them apart.

"This doesn't solve anything we. need to go find Princeton...... If this nigga has the balls to rape him the first time, he'll try something worse this time!" Ray stated.

He had a point.


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