Chapter 4: The Hopps Family

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Judy's POV:

             As Mom drove, we struck up a conversation. I learned how things have been back here in the Burrows and that business was doing great as well. Nick just sat casually looking adorable as he was being smushed against the car door and me. He looked at me. 'Sweet cheese and crackers, he saw me looking! Oh wait, that doesn't matter, we're a couple.' I thought. He smirked at me as I blushed.
"What's the matter, Carrots? See something you like?" Nick teased me. I blushed more furiously, gesturing to him to not do this around my Mom. He rolled his eyes a little and looked at the scenery outside. As we pulled up in our drive way, the front door swung open and my brothers and sisters rampaged through the door and covered the front yard, all jumping with excitement. I smiled, I was just as happy to see each and every one of them.
As Mom parked the truck, I hopped out and was swarmed by my siblings, Nick was behind me, trying to get out of the truck.
"Joodee, Joodee!!" Most of my siblings squealed with delight.
"Hi, John, Mary, Avery, Mark, Connor, Lily," I continued to greet each and everyone of them. Out of the corner of my eyesight, I saw that Nick had managed to get out of the truck and head to the back of the truck to get our luggage.

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