Chapter Two

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Silently Falling Chapter Two

I walk through the music room at school, maneuvering my way through all of my talking classmates, as I sign my side of the argument to Alyse.

"I'm just saying that they could have worked a little more on Katniss' crying face!" Alyse says as we reach our normal spot in the back.

I narrow my eyes at her, "You can't just whip up an amazing fake crying face."

"I know that, which is why I'm saying they should have worked on it!" She exasperates.

"Even with work I don't think anyone can magically make a sexy crying face. You aren't the cutest when you cry." I sign and she scowls at me. "And don't you judge my J-Law. She made an amazing Katniss."

No one insults Jen. No one.

Alyse just huffs and keeps quiet, she knows she won't win this one. I smile victoriously and fish through my backpack for my song book, shuffling through the annoying amount of binders I'm required to have. I spot it between my English and Calculus notebooks and I pull it out. I open the worn cover to the newest song I've been working on, but before I can lift my pencil to the page, Alyse speaks up.

"So, did you hear about the new guy?" She asks, getting out a piece of gum.

I raise a brow and shake my head.

"I haven't heard much, apparently everyone found out he was coming here just over the weekend. I caught wind of the information when I went to the bathroom. Word is it's West Love." She says, nodding in confirmation when she sees my shocked expression.

"West Love?" I sign incredulously.

The infamous delinquent of our town, sent to juvie at only 17.

She nods, "That's what I heard, but I haven't seen him yet; nor did the person I heard it from. So I'm thinking it was a silly rumor." She says, throwing her wrapper towards the trashcan and missing by a long shot.

Just as I'm about to respond, I hear my music teacher call for me. I smile and start to walk towards him and he greets me with a smile of his own.

"Good morning." He signs.

I smile and sign it back.

I love Mr. C. He's the one teacher who took the time to learn a little sign language for me. He's been my music teacher since my freshman year and wouldn't let me drop it just for my lack of a voice. Instead, he gives me alternative assignments to earn my credits. While the other kids sing to pass the class, I play the piano for warm up's and rehearsals, and even our concerts in order to pass.

On top of that, Mr. C has given me the responsibility of writing the music for our concerts; lyrics, notes, and all. It can be a daunting task, but I love it more than singing. We win most of our competitions on the sole fact our music is written and played by a student.

I go and sit by the piano as Mr. C gets the class quiet, and I catch Alyse's eye. She smiles at me and I begin to play the notes for the class to warm up their voices.


After meeting Toby at my locker, the two of us walk towards our Calculus class. A few girls wink his way and he winks right back, giving each of them a little bit of hope. I roll my eyes and slap his chest, scolding him.

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